Fire and Revenge

Revenge of a drastic scale...


1. Fire.


  The girl scrambled out of the room and she realised the tragedy, her head screaming and her heart pounding one hundred and eighty beats per minute. Her eyes were no longer strong enough to hold back from the liquid waterfall of pure torment that was pouring out of them- an open invitation for loneliness to come and play. Her dark side didn't usually find fuel to keep burning, but this situation  was like a lion chasing its prey under the iridescent spectrum of the savage, fiery ball deep in lonely space. And like a lion pouncing,ruthlessly tearing its victim apart, this energy was the release of her anger. It's the kind of energy darker than a void and as unpredictable as a different dimension. It's the kind of energy that can make the kindest of people watch the world with malevolence and do things like bullying and rioting and cheating and lying and...  murder. The tormenting weather pounded down, forcing itself down all around her, covering everything in the Earth's tears. It was too much. It was mocking, like the whole universe was laughing at her, tearing her apart. The rain pounded on. Pounded like her heart from which its contents had been stolen, and the rain was laughing. It was calling her stupid, naive, pathetic for loving a meretricious monster. One week later: The small loyal flame, on top of the wax, that was supposed to be keeping peace in a calm forest trickled along an innocent leaf, slowly munching away its small, helpless form; cruelly engulfing the remainder of its life. It crept like a cat stalking its prey, about to pounce. Then it thrust out a savage fist of fire, ruthlessly devouring its dinner and moving on to its next victim. As they watched, smoke rose as the madness and the death descended. The death climbed effortlessly through the dead or dying trees, incinerating any inconvenience.  The girl with dark eyes smiled softly to herself as the screams became a wonderful lullaby.
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