Dragged off to camp

just another for Abby, Liberty and Lykon. You know being dragged off to camp. Unwillingly..... yup normal day!~ hey i see you looking at this story!~ You know you want to read it here if you like it you can countine you reading. if you don't you can countie your life!~


2. chapter 2: we didn't break it!

chapter 2

      "Where we headed?" Lykon asks. "To a safe place," Their teacher respons. "Ok then but can we stop? I gotts to go!" Liberty asks. "Liberty, just calm down! We'll be there soon!" A pretty annoyed Grover yells. "But. I. Got. To. GO!" Liberty yells, while rocking back and forth with her legs crossed. "This is going to be a long ride." Abby sighs.

         "ARE WE THERE YET?! ARE WE THERE YET?! WHAT ABOUT NOW?! NOW?! NOW!?" Lykon, Liberty and Abby yell. "JUST SHUT UP!" A really pissed of Grover yells back. "What about now?" Liberty says. "By the way I STILL HAVE TO GO!" Yes it is a very long car ride. It was a 5 hour long one. "Where are we going?" Lykon asks. " Hey guys I stiil have my cookies!" Liberty yells holding a bag of cookies. But sadly their teacher stole them so they wouldn't have a food fight.

           The kids stepped out of the bus and found themselves at some camp. They walked with Grover. Abby poked a statue and it fell, breaking when it hit the ground. Liberty backed into a weapon shelf and it snapped in half. Lykon just tripped, landing on a bow and breaking it.

               "Who broke this stuff?!" Some guy was shouting and then the three friends were grabbed by the back of their shirts. "We didn't break it!" the three yell in unison.

                 "Whoa whoa whoa. Calm down. Name's Piper and you need to chill. I wasn't accusing you of breaking stuff but anyways. Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, or should I say you're new home." The girl smiled at them. "Ok but one question. Where is the bathroom?" Liberty asks. They nevere did stop at the bathroom. "Over there," Piper said pointing to the bathroom. " Thanks!" Liberty yelled running as fast as possible.

              In three minutes Liberty was back. " So what's the topic?" She asks the group. "1 a tour, 2 dinner and 3 our stuff and the cookies," Abby says. " The cookies aren't there I have them also they have almost been taken which was really funny," Liberty says holding the cookies. "And I have the stuff!" Lykon yells bringing over our back packs. "Now for the tour!~" Abby yells. "Ok let's go," Piper says walking ahead of the group.

~after the tour because hey I'm not writing that!~

                   "Ok now we go to the dinner hall," Piper said. After around 3 minutes of walking we made it to what looked like a over crowded picnic area with a fire pit. "Fire!" Liberty and Abby say while Lykon drags them away from the very big fire."Ok you guys sit at the tables over there," Piper said pointing to the some what more crowded pincnic table. "Let's a go!" Abby says heading toward the table. Once they sat down at the table they met a bunch of different people. Also they meet the new weasly twins because they seem to be like the weasly twins.


Thats all for now

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