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Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


7. Tal: Who You Are


hiya, i just want u to know that the end of the last chapter was a bit of a twister. don't yet think of Freddie as evil because he is NOT. this chapter is a bit different aswell and it might be short or might be a long chapter. i hope you enjoy it and remember...





Tal: Who You Are

I remember being taught doing this exercise that really actually works in PSHE in school in year 8. It was called 7-11 and I remember making fun of it. It was supposed to calm you down aswell as all the other activities like .B. I never really thought of it as useful but now as I am starting to panic I breathe in quickly for seven counts and out for eleven counts and already I think I am calmer.

I look over my shoulder to see Freddie looking around and has a plastered smirk slapped on his face. I don’t like it on him it makes him seem somewhat evil. I see him looking at girls in a very flirty way and it doesn't appeal to me. I really thought he had a crush on Andrea, maybe that and he gets over girls quicker than I thought or he never liked her. I am more hoping of the second option rather than the first.

I take one last look at the world around me before stepping into the sweet filled shop heaven but a dentist night –mare. I am guessing that Zayn Malik hasn’t yet arrived at the sweet shop because there is only me and Freddie who is now pretending that he doesn't know me as part of the plan. A bunch of little kids wearing sports kit which looks like football gear and a man reading a magazine with a blue beanie and a big pair of sunglasses. I sigh and look aroung the room. My eye is caught on the teenager with the beanie. He keeps on looking at me and something n him magazine as if he is trying to compare me and a picture.finally he walks over to me and sits next to me.

“Can I help you?” I ask beacause he is starting to freak me out just a little.

He takes his hat off and places it on a near by table and followed by his pair of shades.

I try not to gasp but I heard a little noise come out of my mouth. I am staring at the face of no other than Zayn Malik . I have just closed my mouth because I just realise that it is hung open and I look like an idiot.

“Hey. Do you remember me? Zayn Malik, from 1D.” he asks

I nod and now I am chilled and not acting like a 1D fan girl speechless because I am speaking to Zayn. He sighs and moves his chair a little closer to mine.

“Tal what I am telling you now you can’t even say to your parents. It is top secret. I- it- well-”     

“Ok, now don’t want to be rude but can you just come out with it because you were really annoying last  time and to be honest I nearly put the phone down on you. And again I don’t mean to be harsh but do you have a problem or something?”

“Yes Tal I do have a problem,” his voice changed, it sounded a bit pissed off. “This whole thing is a problem, what I am about to say is a problem, this competition is a problem, the entire world is a problem.”

“Fine then thank you for your time but  better be of now!” I proffered, he was annoyed then so was I.

“Wait Tal I am sorry, please let me explain?”

I wriggled back onto my seat and he began.

“This whole spend two weeks with one direction was a test. You see, I don’t know how to say this but let me tell you this story. Everything will sound a bit clearer after this. There was a family some time ago that consisted of and older brother a younger brother and even younger sister. Their parents gave them to an orphanage many years ago and left them without telling the orphanage their real names or where they really lived. The kid weren’t at the orphanage for long as the orphanage was shutting down and they were adopted many years ago when the youngest sibling which was the sister was just one years old. A few months later the man and woman that adopted the three children found out that the woman had a serious condition of lung cancer. And even though they desperately wanted the children they would have to give them back to a different orphanage because the other one didn’t exist anymore. A couple of weeks later the orphanage had a massive fire, the buildings were collapsing and fire was spraying everywhere. The kids were only young and were helpless. The oldest sibling managed to escape because he was taken away by a lady who was passing by the orphanage and saw it on fire. The boy tried to tell her that his brother and sister were inside the building but the sirens were too loud and the boy was feeling a bit unconscious and soon his eyes started to fall close. He was in a coma. The boy had banged his head whilst trying to get to his siblings and a metal pipe had fell on his head and that was when the lady had come and rescued him in her arms. In that time of his coma he had been adopted by that nice lady and her husband. But his siblings were never seen again. They had lived but they had been moved to many different orphanages. But the boy was too young to realise that they were gone forever and that he would never see them again. This boy as he grew older was taught  to forget, his new parents wanted him to start a new life and as crazy as it sounded he did forget about them until recently, he was reminded and he set himself on a mission to find them and that he would do what every it takes. That older sibling is me. I want to find my brother and sister.”

“Wow, that story was really touching. So you want me and Andrea to help you find them?” I said and I wasn’t being sarcastic.

“Oh dear! No you idiot! You have a chance of being my sibling. Well actually you and two other families. Basically we cancelled our world tour because I really want to find them so I did lots of research but I couldn’t find anything after the fire in the orphanage-“

“Wait. Wait. Wait. You’re telling me that Andrea and I could be related to you?”

“Yeah, we did some DNA tests on brothers and sisters who were adopted, the brother would be currently 15 and the sister would be 13. The DNA would have to be very similar to mine and yours came in the top three. Obviously it was much harder to find you and get all this info and it was even more expensive but I will do anything to find my brother and sister. So as I said there was two other families and unfortunately they overall matched up closer than you did so you just crapped in but these tests could have always gone wrong, but not that they have before. In fact they are always reliable. So are you still thinking of coming of the two week trip in the holidays?”

“Yeah sure we are, but I guess that there is no point in us being part of the competition thingy because we are the least accurate to you and your tests?”

“No remember as I said it could have gone wrong and we only did the test two times.”

“I just remembered something, which means even if we aren’t related to you, the people I live with aren’t my parent, and we were adopted.”

“Yeah I am sorry about that, I feel bad as I shouldn’t be the one who tells you. But please can you not tell your parents or Andrea about any of this. The older sibling of each pair only knows about this so we trust you.”

“Ha you’re more likely to trust Andrea with this; I could trust her with my life. But sure I won’t tell anyone.”

“There is one more thing I would like to tell you.”

“Oh please not another thing, don’t you think this is bit too much to take in?” I say but he ignores me and carries on.

“Hey Freddie come over here!” Zayn said. I wondered if he was talking about my Freddie.

“Freddie? You know Zayn Malik?” I said, so it was my Freddie.

“If it wasn’t for me you wouldn’t have even come and met Malik this morning.” Freddie said.

Then he explained that Freddie’s brother who was 20 aswell used to be friends at school with Zayn so that is how they met. When Zayn realised that Freddie and I were in the same school, he tried to make Freddie persuade me to come. So that is why he was smirking he knew about all this before me. Before me and Freddie left after walking round Hale Zayn said something that made me think.

“After those two weeks I will find out who I am. And even if you are not related to me Tal, I will help you and Andrea find your family. I have not said that to any of the other families but I will help you. I had so much fun and after two weeks you will be one step closer to finding out who you are.”

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