If you could see me now

Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


4. Tal: Telephone

It was a hectic day today. Everyone was getting back into the flow of school a week later and I had a maths test coming up tomorrow. Mrs Terret was really pushing us to revise and work hard to produce good results.

Andrea had her netball club after school today so she would have to take the late bus home but I went home on the normal bus. I sat down next to Kelly my girlfriend who was also in my class. Kelly had short blonde hair with strips of natural brown (although it looked almost black.) she was pretty and clever. I loved her so much. Kelly had an interview to go to today, in Wilmslow so I was going to go with her and drop her of. Kelly keen model and she was going to apply for a modelling contract in Wilmslow for the shop BANK. I couldn’t wait.

Before she sat down I pulled her coat of for her and placed it on the seat behind us. We sat at the back of the coach, it was like a year ten priority when you could chuck bits of paper around, flirt with girls or organise special plans with them. I would be messing around but I was too tired and I knew that as soon I got home that I would jump into bed.

The coach still hadn’t left yet as late arrivals came on the bus. I saw Max drag his bag across the aisle to the back near me. he sat in the seat infront of mine

“Hey Max, do you want to come over to mine this time next week? Oscar, freddie, Leo, Tom, Billy, Kelly, Aisha, Georgia and the others are coming.

“Yeah that would be great!” Max said whilst his blonde tuft flicked to the right of his forhead. I laughed a little and Max said he couldn't wait for it.

I could feel the engine roar beneath my feet as the bus started moving.

“Tal why don’t you come over to mine afterwards?” Kelly suggested

“Yeah that would be great. I would love- oh Kelly I forgot we have that maths exam and I want to revise so that I can do well in it tomorrow.”

“You’re right, I probably need to revise  aswell.”

“What are you talking about, there is no doubt the you will get highr than eighty percent”

“Yes because I revise”
“Well why don’t you come over to mine and show me how to revise.”

“I probably need to help you otherwise you’ll never know how to revise and then you’ll be in GCSE exam without revising for it when ever that is.”

"Are you saying I’m not clever?” i said jokingly

“If you were clever, you’d know exactly what I’m saying,” She said. I knew exactly what she wanted and I started it by giving her a kiss. I moved my head close to hers and tilted my head to the right as she tilted it to the left. Her soft rosy lips touched mine as our mouths opened. Our tounges winded round eachother.  We were kissing for a long time until the bus suddenly rounded to a halt. Our mouths separated and the bus driver shouted out.

“Wilmslow. Anyone of for Wilmslow?”

I grabbed my bag and Kelly’s coat and we got of the bus.the doors closed and the bus sped of. We were standing outside Costa Coffee.

"Do you want to go to costa we have an hour and a half before I need to be at the building let alone the actual interview?"

"But your not going to the interview in our green uniform are you?"

"Well I haven't brought anything else!"
"Oh come one" I said and pulled her away.

"Wait where are we going?"

"On a shopping spree, you were the one who said we had and hour and a half so lets not waste it, lets just go.!" We both looked at eachother and kissed for a few scond then grabbing eachothers bags and running into the first clothes shop we saw. Then Superdry. Then Pauls Boutique. Then blonde and blone. Kelly didn't want to wear something branded because she wanted to give a good impression that it wasn't all about the name but transforming the name. At the end of the first fortyfive minuets we still hadn't found a single thing apart from some dark blue and white high heel wedge shoes that were tie on ones. We sat down on a bench

"This is hopeless we wasted do much time!" Kelly gasped, getting her breath back.

"Errr no we haven't" I said looking at a massive shop across the road.

Kelly's eyes lit up.

"HOOPERS" We both squealed together.

We dashed across the road and through the two double doors of hoopers. We started rummaging through the aisles and racks. Kelly tried on so many different types of clothes that I didn't knew existed. In the end we settles for blue skinny tight fitting jeans and a baggy seethrough long sleeved top which had a vest underneath that she tucked in her jeans with some silver coloured jewlery which included a butterfly necklace and silve white and baby pink braclets. Kelly got changed in the changing rooms after we payed for it so that we could run straight to the interview after grabbing sandwich and a drink from 'Boots'

She looked amazing especially with her new shoes on. Once we got to the magnificent building I kissed her again on her cheek. This is what I did last time she applied for her modelling job and she was calm and collective and got the job over all the other girls who tried to get it. I was positive she would get it again. I looked into her blue eyes.

"Kelly" I whispered realising something. "Where's your make up, didn't you put in on the HOOPERS?" I said. Kelly touched her face then frowned.

"Oh man, I forgot!"

"Don't worry. I barely noticed you look like an angel anyway. Remember be strong and you can do it." I smiled at her. "Is your brother picking you up then?"

"Yes I'll tell Sean to drop me at yours." Kelly said before an announcement was announced.

"Kelly Romero. would Kelly Romero like to go to room four please. Thankyou" The loud speaker blared.

"Goodluck" I said as Kelly waled away. "Not that you'll be needing any!"

She smiled at me and mouthed thankyou and did a little twirl for me. I walked out of the glass building and to the bus stop. I looked ahead of me and saw the bus was already there. If I missed this bus then I would have to wait another half an hour. I sprinted to the bus stop and banged on the door. I saw a chirpy bus driver press a button that opened the folded doors.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled whilst I gave the bus driver £3.00.

"Look here sonny, Keep your money. What have you  been up to you seem as if you have jumped ship and swam the whole English Channel." He said in an Irish accent. It was funny that way of speaking but I loved it.

"Something like that" I replied and sat down on a seat.

 I wouldn't be the only one home by now. Andrea was probably at home minding her own buissnes. You see one of the many similarities that Kelly and Angela had in common was that they wern't bothered about what others thought about them. I guess you could say that the were righteous. But many of the girls in my year especially, were bothered about if they ate fat free food or if their makeup was too little, or maybe showing of to other boys about their fit bodies were and only cared about their weight and didn't care about their studies. But  Angela and Kelly were the opposite the same at the same time.

All the flirts and 'sluts' who wear tonnes of makeup and pretend to be dumb and alwayswear really high skirts and sit on boys laps usually are the popular ones, who go out with Billy or Leo and c.o, (all my friends), but Kelly is best friends with these popular pretty girls that are dumb and think its cool to be thick. Its just stupid. Kelly's in set one in maths with all the clever people. I guess you could say she was friends with them but she was also very close friends with the people in lower sets. Kelly has well more friends, because as well as being friends with her normal bezzies she is also friends with others in the year, unlike all the popular people who are only friends with eachother. Even though she is well clever and musical and arty and dramatic she is also one of the prettiest girs I have ever laid my eyes upon. Kelly gets more than alll the popular people and more than all the nerdy people. If that made sense. It probably didn't did it!

Oh well. The bus jerked to a stop and I hopped of saying a cheerful thankyou to the bus driver who had nicley let me go on the bus for free. Now I walked through Bramhall Village. Andrea and me, we like crossed fingers latley. I could tell her anything and she would tell me everything. Apparently, well actually I know that Andrea made a bet with his boy on something and she lost so she now has to give this boy Jasper, who is a friend I suppose of mine, a kiss and has to go out with him.  Andrea made it a secret relationship and no-body knows. Its funny actually, I'm supprised that Jasper han't squeezed the kiss out of her. It dosenty matter, I will leave their private stuff to them-selves unless any medling will come in handy as it always does.

I'm still in my school uniform which everyone in our school hates. I hurry home because I can't wait to jump on the sofa and put my feet up and catch up watching 'Miranda'.

I'm nearly on our road. All the houses on our street are bigger than normal sized houses. Our house is white and brown coloured. It has a little pond with a regular sized fountain springing up in the middle, every year round frogs are born in there and me and Angela always sat down by it and watch the tadpoles transform into green and brown slimy small frogs. We would always take pictures of them andthen Angela and I would give them some of our food that mum made for them. occasionally the frogs would jump onto our laps and we would be able to hold them and stroke them. Even Angela did. As I said Angela and Kelly were different and they weren't afraid to be themselves. Angela would do all the boyish stuff I did like climb trees and swim in lakes and adventure caves and get muddy and slide down dirty mountains. I laughed at our childhood as I turned into our drive way. Our house was pretty and our parents would always do the best for us.

I shoved my hand in my pocket and dug around for the house keys. I hauled the clump of keys out and placed them into the key hole. once i opened the door i was welcomed by a bubbly, tall, black curly ringlet haired girl with the darkest brown eyes i had ever seen. Angela smiled at me.

"Hey, how did it go with Kelly?" Angela asked

"Great, I think she will do amazing! But I'm going to relax now. kelly's brother Sean is dropping her of afterward for dinner."

"Okay that sounds fun, tell me when she arrives, I can't wait to catch up with her!" Angela exclaimed.

"Okay" I nodded and I literally jumped on the couch whilst Angela pounded up the one flight of stairs and into her bedroom.

I picked up the controll and pressed the green button to turn the television on it took a minute until the sky logo came on and i pressed recorded item and clicked on th efirst episode of 'Miranda.' I grabbed a bag of popcorn kernels and and threw it into the microwave and waited two minute's until taking the bag out and munching the popcorn through out the whole first episode. It was funny as usuall and as usuall I was laughing my socks of at its hilarious comedy acting.

Once I had finished watching the first three episodes I pressed the back up button and watched 'Miranda #4.' But before I could start watching it the home Telephone rang. I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the the place where we kept this phone. It was and old fashioned one. A bright glossy red hung on the wall that no-one used. I un-hooked it from its original position and placed it next to my ear.

"Err hello?" I quivered.

"Oh hello! Is this the Walshaw residence please?" A unknown voice spoke.

"Um yes. Who is speaking please?" I asked.

A shuffling noice and voices were heard through the Telehone. A new voice was speaking through now.

"Hello sorry about that, let me introduce myself. I am Paul Higgins," He stopped again, why wouldn't he just say what he wanted to say. Someone else snatched the Telephone of him.

"Sorry. Again!" A younger voice said behind all the whispering and jabber.

"Well what do you want?" I demanded.

"Ok, I'll just say it." I heard someone say in the background and take the Telephone and finally start talking propperly.

"I know you are probably really confused now but what we are trying to say is that what seems like your sister, Andrea Walshaw has won the one in a life time oppotunity. To spend two weeks with the British Boyband One Direction."

"Is this some type of joke?" I asked.

"No we are serious. I'm Harry, Harry Styles"

"And I'm Niall Horan" An Irish acsent said amusing me again.

"Hey I'm liam, Payne!"

"Louis Tomlinson over here!"  He said followed by a long pause.

"Oh yeah, I'm Malik, Zayn Malik." Zayn said in what seemed like a sloem but doubting way.

"Oh wow, I can tell you are deffinatly not a fake bunch of boys making a prank." I said still wondering how we had won, so I asked. " What do you mean by we won?"

" I'm afraid it's not you who has won, its you sister. Mind you she is allowed to take one sibling with her, most preferably older than her but don't worry yet, tommorow you will get a bunch of letters to confirm everything and says what she and the chosen sibling should bring allong with them and what belongings should be taken. Where you will be staying and all that kind of boring stuff." Paul higgins was back on the line and huffed. "By the way are you parents there?"

"No I'm sorry they aren't yet but they will be in an hour or so, and 'by the way' if we do, I mean if my parents let her go where will she be staying?"

"Its top seceret, so you can't tell anyone apart from your immediate family which means your mum, dad-" He started to say as if i was a baby and couldn't understand what seceret meant.

"I do know what you mean ok, are you going to get to the point or not?" I said as someone else came onto the phone. I recognised it. It was Zayn.

"She will be going to Tahiti."

"Yeah we know that you've been to Australia and Hawai so no jabs kneeded, it took us ages to find and reaseach your and hers DNA - your number I mean. Owuch!" Paul stated but I think by the way he said owuch he was punched or kicked to make him stop whatever he was going on about.

"Ohkaayy" I said wierily a bit put off by his wierd words.

" Bye!" The five boys and paul chorused

" Remember to tell your parents and that the letters will arive tommorow." Paul said again really irratating me to the bone.

"Fine!" i said on an angry tone.

"Wait! " Zayn said before I hung up the telephone on him and his possy.


"Please don't be annoyed with us, we are kind of new to this kind of stuff!"

I thought about it and decided to let them of.

"Okay I'll forgive you but please forgive me aswell, I could have been a bit more patient."

"Yeah sure we forgive you. But can I ask you a favour, is Andrea near you, will she be able to hear me?" He whispered.

"No. Why?"

"Here I will give you my number. Don't tell Andrea about this. You can tell her about the luxury two weeks but not about me giving you my number."

"sure but why?" I asked as Zayn gave out his number to me and I transfered it onto my own phone.
"Meet me at Altringham Village at the Gobstoper sweet shop, I need to speak to you about Andrea."

"Of course"

"It involvesyou too."

"Ok" I said wondering what it could be that he needed to talk to me about, but I didn't want to push it,  because afteral, I was speaking to one of the most famous celebraties in the world let alone great britain.

"10:00 on Saturday"

"See you"

"Bye." He said before putting the Telephone down,

I hung the Telephone back on the wall. There was a reason that no-one used that phone anymore and I could see why.

The door bell rang. It was my parents. Before I got up to tell them about this One Direction suprise I though not about who was going to waiting at the Gobstopper for me but why i was going to the gobstopper in the first place.







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