If you could see me now

Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


2. Jasper: It Will Rain

I looked  at the clock hung up in the middle of the wall behind me underneath the sound check and lighting balcony. Oh dear, still five minuets left. This assembly was killing me. The school was being harsh on us. First that talk about distant relationships for one hour yet now this. Me and Jamie nearly fell asleep (I mean who would actually listen to that kind of stuff?) I was sitting near the front yet behind Andrea. I couldn't see her face behind the darkest back curls I had ever seen though, I could tell it was her.

Bbbbrrrrring. Bbbbrrrrring. Bbbbrrrrring.

"Right thats it folks. Wait till your forms are dissmised individually by your teachers and please can you not talk until you get out of this building. Thankyou that is all." Mr Cambers said.

Thank god Mr Cambers had finished because if the bell hadn't gone I swear me and Jamie would have just got up marched out through the door. I stood up as my friend on the other side of me, Adam, did and walked out. Man! School was tiring. But a smile always came on my face when I saw Andrea. I was about to say hello to her and tell her why Mrs Murray had called me to see her but Mia stepped out in front of me and blocked my way.She smiled retardedly at me. I wouldn't have said this to anyone else though but she was a little idiot and I didn't like her at all. I know people must have thought of me as an idiot aswell, but I was going out with her for no reason. There were a countless number of times I had said to myself to tell her that I didn't like her and to dump her. Not in a horrible way beacuse that would jst be cruel, but to just simply tell her. Anyway, Mia opened up her arms and tried to embrace me but I let her hug me and I only patted her on the back. This was the thing with girls these days they are too shy to hug or go near their boyfriend, beacuse as soon as she had hugged me she just walked straight off and didn't even say goodbye. She was crowded by a swarm of people laughing and making jokes.Stupid.

Adam, Harvey, Jamie and I all walked to the vending machines after Mia ditched me. We walked over to the vending machines and each of us took our turn to buy our self a sandwich and a drink. Only me and adam bought an apple. I bought the drink 'this is water, lemon and limes flavour'. Mine and Andreas favourite drink. If we had enough money on us all the time and the vending machine would refill everyday me and andrea would buy all the drinks and gulp them all down. I opened the cap and the lemony fragrance roamed out. I took a sip and as soon as the milky looking liquid touched my lips, A fizzing sensation erupted inside of me. I  opened the door and we made our way back to the Derby Building.

"Oy, Jamie, pass us that football, we can play and kick the ball around" Harvey suggested. I liked the idea but it was raining a little and but the way I looked up into the sky and grey and black clouds swirled into eachother I could tell it was going to rain cats and dogs. Bit by bit the rain trickling down from the cushioned fluff the we called clouds, in the sky above began to rain more and more and get hevier and hevier.

"Come on boys, it going to chuck it down." I said. The boys followed me inside. Crowds of people were already there and Adam and Harvey dispersed to the my form room. Jamie was running up the stairs to his own form room wich had Andrea in it so I followed him up.

As soon as I walked into the class room there was no mistake that I couldn't hear my self think. I saw andrea in the room at the back near all the hockey sticks and the flashy red lockers. She was talking to her freind Katy anf Faye. I looked around the room and also saw Mia. she was wearing so much makeup so she might as well have put on a roman drama mask, with her eyes all defined by mascara and her lips a bright red.

I decided to go and speak to Andrea about what i was going to tell her before. as I strolled up to her. She smiled vaugley as I approached and I smiled broadly back.

"What did you maths teacher say to you?" She asked. This made me smile more." What? Why are you doing that?" She questioned.

"Its funny, my teacher actually said I had potential in maths, and that I could move up to set two if I tried." I said but Andreas mind had wondered of to look at Jamie. He was leaning on a desk that daisy was sitting on. She didn't like jamie, did she? I hope she didn' have a crush on him.

"Don't you think that Jamie likes Daisy? Jamies always flirting infront her and Daisy seems to aswell" She asked

"No. Actually I don't think so. I think they are just friends, like you and me." I said.  That just made things a bit awkward.

"Fair enough. But i don't think it just stops there. I mean have you even seen their chats and text messages. Its as if they are already going out." Andrea whispered

"Already going out" I repeated

"Oh yeah, I bet if Jamie asked Daisy out she would definatly say yes." Andrea stated "If only Jamie had the guts to ask her out."

"I could always force Jamie to. He does listen to me." I suggested. I heard Andrea squeal with overflowing excitment.

"Would you?" She said and looked at me, I shrugged. " You would! " Andrea replied pleased with joy and triumphantly continued.

"Ok, If you do ask Jamie to ask Daisy out and Jamie does agrees to it i bet you anything that daisy will say yes." Andrea challenged.

"Anything" (This made me think of that song from oliver twist, I'd do anything for you dear anything, for I'd do anything for you...)

"Anything" Andrea said confiedently

"Fine, have you seen that big basket of sweets in Selfridges, the one made entirely out of the sweet nerds?" I questioned.

"Yes, what about them?"

"If you are right and Daisy does go out with Jamie then I will buy you that whole £55.99 worth basket of sweetie hevan. But." I paused dramaticaly, watching Andreas body lean in towards me to hear what I was about to bet on over. "But, if I win and Daisy turns down Jamie then you will have to kiss me and go out with me!" I waited for her reply.

"Kiss you?"

"On the lips" I said. Andreas eyebrows raised so high that i though they had streched out bigger.

"What about Mia" She whispered using her eyes as a guide to show me that Mia was still in the same room as us.

" Mia's got another thing coming. So, I guess you are not in the bet then. Are you not so sure about it now. Hhmmm.  You backing out of a bet on anything you made. I would call that cowardly, wouldn't you?"

" Eehhrr no. I'm in actually. Get ready to buy me that sweet basket then."

"Only if you are ready to have a smoochie with me first." I threatened cheekily whilst I puckered my lips.

" Convince him  by tomorow or its over" Andrea said.

" Three days and a night?"

"Two days and a morning?

" Seven days and evening?"

"A day and an afternoon"

" A week and a morning"

" By this lunch or nothing and you owe me a sweet basket  anyway."

"What! harsh you ca-"

" You heard what I said, you better hurry up you only have forty-six minuets left before I win." Andrea said glancing up at the clock. My jaw gawped open and I stared at her and shook my head. I guess I had got myself into this so I better get myself out of it.

"Fine" I snapped and walked over to Jamie.

He was in a conversation with Daisy but I grabbed him by the collar and dragged him out of the form room and into the small cramped corridor outside the maths room. He tried to speak to me and tell me that he was in a conversation. I didn't take any of this trash that was spitting out of his mouth. I only had limited time to tell Jamie my plan, Then for him to do my plan and then the victim ( Daisy) would hopefully buy the fake words that jamie would tell her and then I would get Andrea. But hopefully my plans wouldn't get rained on. I looked out of the window and saw the slushy weather outside. I swifty started talking and I started talking fast.





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