If you could see me now

Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


6. freddie: Army Of Two

"Freddie, get your lousy butt of the couch, the bus is going to be here in five minuets and if you miss it I am not goin to be the one to drop you off, you're going to be be walking it!" Mum called from the kitchen just down the hall way.

It was my chance now, I had to get some paint and acsessories for Andrea, she will be so happy with me and hopefully move jasper aside. Yesterday I laughed when saw Jasper storm away after he saw the little kiss I gave Andrea on the cheek. I do know it isn't much, a cheek kiss, but I really do like her and I will do anything to get to her even if it means using Jasper. In the garage I saw many buckets of paint, green blue, purple,pink, yellow, red, orange. But these paints were in the big buckets and I had no idea how to take them into school without mum knowing and being descrete about it. I scrambled around in the back of the garage to see if I could find anything else. I found a packet of paint brushes from 'hobby craft' that were all different sizes and I got some glittery paint along with some florecent colours. I shoved them into my games bag and then I ran up the stairs to my room. Underneath my unstable bed I found some coloured card and some white card. I found these in my mothers art room. my mums a artist so she goes to hobby craft alot. And I got to say it is an amazing shop if you like any kind of art, but I think I will just  settle for football rather than art.

I squished the card into my games bag carefully trying not to bend it. I grabbed my camouflage eastpak bag and slung it over my head onto my back and sid bye to my mother. I sprinted to the bus stop and sat down and waited for Andrea because Tal and her both came on the same bus as me.

The bus came up to a halt and I seached around the stop for the two Walshaws. hhmm maybe they were dropped to school. I hopped onto the bus and sat down next to Jonothan Cridland, he was a tall boy for his age and had short gingery brown hair. His hair was like the colour of corn flakes and that made me remember that I didn't have breakfast beacause I was too busy trying to find stuff for Andrea, but let me tell you that it was worth it.

When the bus ride was over I left Jonothan and I walked over to staff house. I tried to remember the directions that Andrea had given me but the had just slipped out. I looked through some of the bushes for an opening but I couldn't see one. Suddenly someone tapped me on my back making me jump, I turned around to see a twenty year old man staring back at me with his soft eyes.

"Sorry" I said even though I wasn't really sure what I was sorry about.

"You must be Freddward, she said you were probably to get lost, I am the school gardener a friend of Andrea's, she told me about your special suprise plan for Jasper, was it or was is Jamie?"

"Jasper, your right. I'm sorry but do you know where this garden is I can't remember where she told me it is?" I shrugged.

The gardener gestured me to follow him. He went in and out through some trees and then a bushy thing to a arch way. Wow what a den. And this gardener, I though he would be at least fifty plus but he was twenty. Yay, not.

"Thankyou" I said

"No problem, now do you have any paints or decor?"
"Yeah?" I said weirily

"Here put them behind this" He said

As I put my stuff behind a tree next to a perfectly trimmed bush and ran back up to the gardener.

"So whats you name?"

"Jerry, at your service"

"So jerry when Andrea said a gardener I certainly didn't have you in mind."

" Hmm most people say that, not really about what you look like though is it?" He said in a pure Irish accent

"Guess not. See you at lunch?" I said and ran of to the form bumping into Andrea.

"Heyya kid"

" Owch-hey" She said but said as if she was hurt. I gave her a hug but she quickly rejected and clutched her arms. I grabbed her arms but she screamed with agony. I pulled up her blazer and her jumper and shirt revealing small bruises dotted on her arm.

"Who did this to you?" I demanded

She shook her head and looked down wards and stared at her feet. I lifted her chin up with my finger.

"You can tell me anything." I whispered.

Some tears spilled out of her eyes. I wiped them away.

"Ta-aa. Tal."

"Tal, did this to you, I- I will kill him for this." I said and stoormed away.

"No Freddie you will only make this worse" Andrea wimpered but I wasn't in the mood.

I marched away, Tal will get what he deserved. why did he do this to her? I walked further away from Andrea and into the building that Tal, I knew would definatly be in. I saw Tal he was talking to Billy laughing. I grabbed him by the arm and gestured him to come out side with me. He frowned but followed me leaving his friendly chit chat behind him.

"Why did you do it to her Tal, what did she do?" I asked

"You saw? I didn't mean it. I am really sorry. I have been worring a lot recently."

"You didn't seem to worried then when you were talking to billy."

"Freddie, I need to tell you a secret, Andrea knows about part of it but not the other. The first part: Next week on monday me and Andrea are going on a two week trip with onedirection. We won this prize so we are missing two weeks of school"

"What the hell are you saying dude? If you were Andrea would have told me. You know she would tell me"

"We were told not to tell anyone so she didn't, your the only other person apart from Katy who knows about it, even Jasper dosen't know yet but I think she is going to tell him today.

"Fine, but what else do you want to say to me?" I said bringing my arms towards my chest and crossed them.

"And the second part: tomorow Zayn malik invited me to the gobstopper in Hale with him and talk to him." He sighed.

"Ok but what are you worried about?" I asked irritably

"He said it was something important about me and Andrea, about our lives. I have been freaking about it since the Telephone call. I don't even know if I want to go on the trip let alone the gobstopper with Zayn Malik." Tal blurted out.

"It's okay dude," I said rubbing his back. "Why don't I come to the gobstopper with you but like pretend that I am not with you?"

"You would?" He queered.

I nodded " But you have to apologize like there's no tomorow to Andrea."

He said he would of course do that and gave him a man hug. We both laughed and walked into our separate first period lessons as we had just missed the whole of form period catching up. First lesson was spanish and we were in the language lad on the computers, all I did was email andrea to say that Tal was angry beacuse he was upset and worried. I remembered not to tell her about the zayn malik thing. The bell went and I went to my next two lessons then it was lunch.

I made sure no one followed and went to the small garden at the back of the trees. Andrea was already there with Katy, they had a bunch of bags in their hands. I smiled at them and said hello and then showed them where all my stuff was, I pulled it up and opened it up and shoved my hand inside. I laid everything down onto the trimmed grass. I saw that Andrea and Katy had already painted the table and chairs and that they were now drying of. I got the glitter paints and the brushes and started desinging the table with blue glitter. Katy and Jerry were hanging decorations on the bushes and of the trees. Half and hour later we were done and Andrea brought out some food she had brought from home and laid it on their table.

"Ok andrea we will go now and you can get Jasper." I said

"Thanks everyone, I really do owe you." She said before running away.

I knew I couldn't stay here but I wanted to be with andrea. I walked over to Tal, he was sweaty yet it was not because of his game of football.

"Ready bro for tomorow, there is nothing to worry about and I will be with you all the way." I told him patting him lightly on his back.

"Yeah your right." He said and took his hands out of his pocket and we walked away like an army of two and nothing could stop us, It felt like that quite alot recently. I guess it kept me calm and confiedent and gave me strength that everyone was safe and that nothing would go wrong. I smirked as I put my arm around Tals shoulder. No-one could see past me could they. Soon everything would fall exactly into place just like me and Malik planned!

authors note:

hiya i havent written to you in a while but i was wondering about a little competition?

as you can tell all the titles of my chapters are names of quite popular songs. i want you to tell me who sings each of these songs. the first people who tell me what all of the song artists are called correctly, i will give them a shout for them. see ya xxx




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