If you could see me now

Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


5. Andrea: Sweet Nothing

It was thursday again and I was walking to my classroom with Tal. I didn't know if i should tell Jasper about me and Tal winning a two week trip with One Direction. I didn't want to really want to go. It wasn't as if I was a total fan and would go to every little concert like Emily and Daisy. I wasn't even intrested in them. I would happily give my tickets or invites to someone else but unfortunatly the letters that came in the post a couple of days ago stated that they were not allowed to go to anyone else. I was allowed to give them back but I would be an idiot and a bit messed up if I did turn them down.

Anyway, me and Jasper were getting better as a couple, even though it was a secret relation-ship, at first me and Jasper would fight alot but now we were getting used to eachother in a different way. If you think about it a couple of weeks ago I would never think of Jasper more that a good friend but now I think of him very differently.

Things were good at home appart from the fact that Tal was acting a bit suspicious. For the first couple of days after the Telephone from One Direction Tal was acting nervous and today he was showing it in him the most. I never asked him what was the matter until today. I thought it was something private to do with Kelly and him, but Tal wasn't the scared type. Tal was really strong and courageous and I don't think I have ever seen him cry or get overally up set about anything.

" Tal, whats up, why have you been looking really anxious over the past few days, are you worried about something?" I questioned but I doubted that he would actually reply truthfully.

"No. No. It's nothing seriously. I'm perfectly fine."

"But your always in a haze and-"

"I said I was fine! Get a grip ok I don't need you crappy little help, you just shutup because your gonna get it when you get home" Tal exclaimed and stored away into his classroom.

I was wondering again that maybe Tal wasn't upset of something to do with Kelly but maybe something to do with the actuall Telephone call. Was it something One Direction had said to him? Were One Direction being a little tight on him( even though I knew Tal wasn't like that, to get upset over some nasty words said to him.) But it still was a possibility.

I pressed the dials on the keypad and the grey metal door easily opened. Mia and some of her friends were hanging round near the stairs in the hallway leaning on the radiator that was situated upderneath the television hung up next to the stair case. Some of these girls were huddled on the steps themselves. I squeezed past them in the middle and once past them I ran quickly up the remaining couple of steps.

I opened my form room door to see all the girls in my form huddled on one side of the room (left) at the back. The boys wre on the other side playing catch with a bouncy ball. I hurled my bags and they landed on the bag rack, I did a little twirl and that is when I saw a handsome Jasper. he strode in with a massive grin drawn on his face. i laughed shrugging my shoulders back and forth. i walked back from the rear end of the room to the front to meet jasper.


"Hey ma little fire girl!"
"Shuush, someone will hear you and how did you come up with this name for me, and why are you so happy?"

"Why do you like it?"

"Absolutly not. Don't call me that!"

"Okay, it's official, you are now named little fire girl."

"Uurrghh! Please don't"

"But it's like your setting fire to our s-" he stopped because i looked at her in a way that told him to shut the front door.

"Little fire girl you are my little fire, you light up my world. Everytime our eyes clash a flickering flame is burning inside me but whenever you go my flame dies away and that feeling, that sensational feeling just disappears. I know you may not love me and your only going out with me because of this stupid bet that you agreed to but remember this, I will always love you, no matter what happens between us, you are mine." Jasper said.

Did I just hear Jasper say all those flattering things that just burst my heart and make me go past the line where if any tears went past i would start crying? Yes, yes I did.

"That did not just sound a bit like you but Jasper I do love you I love you with all my heart that you just popped." This was when a tear slowly snaked down my cheek then onto my chin and finally splashing onto my black shoes. I gently wiped my tear stained face and continued.

"Anyway why are you so happy today?"

"Isn't it obvious, I'm happy to see you!"

"Naawww, thats so cute." Katy said as she stood up from the desk on the right to us

"Ok Katy you can shut up now" Jasper said.

I think jasper has a thing for Katy. I mean not a loving thing for her. Oh no. He hated her with a passion."

Bbbrrrrrrring. Bbbrrrrrrring. Bbbrrrrrrrring.

Oh great the bell had just gone and after I waved bye to jasper and he had called my little fire girl and walked out Blowing me a secret kiss, I returedned to my desk and mr blossom entered lat very late. So we are all talking amongs ourselves whilst Mr Blossom thinks he can turn up ten minuets late and expect us to be sitting neatly with our arm crossed and our index finger on our lips waiting for his heigh magesty blossom king of Stupidmania to instruct us. I'm sure that sounded very nice in his dreams though.

The second bell went so it was time for my first lesson and I needed to find a boy that I could tell them how I felt and what I could do about Jasper. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the class room. There were only two boys who could possible help me.

I flung the door open and ran to the languages building. I had geography and this building I was going to was on its way to the geography floor but these two boys were in the same form and there form was in the languages block building. I knew their class room beacuse they were two of Tal's best mates and we went on the ski trip with them. I waited outside their class room whilst the other year ten forms walked out. I saw Tal but I ignored him after what happened today but he hadn't obviously forgotten about that.

"What are you doing here?" Tal pestered me but I ignored him. He asked again but still I ignored him. He grabbed my by the arm tightly and even though I didn't want to speak to him but at the same time I did beacuse he was angry and I knew I would be in for it when we got home. I slapped his hand of my and stamped on his toe. His face screwed up and he clenched his jaw. I gulped.

"I'll be seeing you." he paused and then said in a scary way. "At home."

I pushed him away and he smirked.

Owch. Someone poked me. I turned round to see a bubbly Freddie.

"Heyya, I need to talk to you."

"What no how are you or have you recovered. I haven't seen you since the ski trip."

"Freddie get real, the ski trip was a week ago."

"True but hey, who cares? Hey what lesson do you have next?"

"Geography, you?"
"Art, so i'll walk you, shall i and you can tell me whatever you wanted to tell me ok?"

"yeah sure but where's max?"
"Oh he is ill today I think because he isn't in today."

"Okay" I said as we walked out of the blue languages building

"So what up?"

"Well I. Okay, first promise me you won't tell anyone its a seceret."

"Fine I promise that I won't tell anyone. Cross my heart hope to die."

"You know Jasper in my year."

"How could I not, everyone knows him and loves him."

"I am going out with him. Seceretly. Anyway I want to do something that will show him that I love him."

"Woah, woah,woaah. Slow down cow girl. Your going out with the Jasper.Sweet, you two would make a perfect couple. Jasper, every one likes him and you the most sweetest likable girl in the world. And whats this about you planning a suprise for him!" he smirked

"Oh thanks freddie a suprise, he would love that. But what suprise could I do."

"Take him on a date. And I do know that boys are supposd to do that but-"

"Thats great Freddie, I know where I can take him."


"There is a hidden garden at the back of staff house that only me, Katy and the school gardener knows about. There is a table that is a bit flaky but I could paint it and the garden is beautiful, I could decorate the whole place and bring cakes and nice food for a lunch. But it would take a lot of work for me to do."

"What do you mean for you to do, of course I am going to help other wise you won't get any where."

"Oh thanks Freddie, tomorow could you bring and decorations and some paint. I will too, but more the better."

"Yeah. I will meet you in the garden tomorow lunch."

So whilst I try to show Freddie auraly how to get to the garden I see Tal again and see that he is looking fustrated and angry but I don't dare go over to him unless I want to have my death bed next to the big oak tree. Jamie and Harry and Devell come up behind me and annoy me.

"Hey Andrea, who do we have here. Hitting on a Year Ten are we?" Jamie says.

I shrug him of but to my dismay they call come up to me in rounds. Jamie comes up and kisses my on the cheek. I turn around to see him but he has already passed me and running up to geography. I shake my head but next thing I know Harry has just brushed his lips and the same left cheek and waits at the door. I look back to see if anyone else is ther to throw their lips at me but I keep on walking with my head back so that I can see if anyone is comming but Devell pecks at my left cheek. He came infrom of me so I didn't see him as my head was facing the other way.

"Uurghh" I say

Freddie suddenly kisses me on my right cheek from where he is standing. I look into his blue eyes and then see him run of with his blonde ringlet flying and bouncing around everywhere. Ok wow. I better not tell Jasper this because well I still owe him that kiss on the lips and he would be broken hearted but wow. I walk toward the door but someone pushes me.

"Oy, watch it." I say.

The boy turns around and I see its Jasper with red eyes that have gone really shiny beacuse he has tears in them. He gives me the evils and runs away. Oh shit. He saw all of that.

"Jasper wait, let me explain!"

 I try to run past the crowd of people trying to get into the building but I get pushed in. All of a sudden I feel as if I have got nothing left I have lost everything. Just sweet nothing.

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