If you could see me now

Andrea lives with her mum, dad and her 15 year old brother Tal. Andrea is an ordinary 13 year old who goes, has many friends and wants to have fun. one day she gets an invite to spend two weeks of the school holliday with one direction, one of the biggest boy bands in the world. she dosn't grasp at the idea but eventually decides to go with her brother. in the two weeks of one direction paradise, Andrea and Tal realise something that will change their lives.
romance, adventure, this is about three siblings and their everyday life. There's Andrea. There's Tal. But who's the third sibling?


1. Andrea: Lighters

I was walking up the path behind the school with my blue flower designed rucksack falling of the back of my shoulders. I had my games bag draping of my left shoulder. It was heavy and was making me lean over to one side. I have my brother Tal strolling in front of me, walking slowly. Every so often he would suddenly stop making me trip over my self and brake just before I fall over Tal. He's really getting on my nerves, not just today but also on the ski trip we came back from on saturday.

Yes, we only had one day to recover, and on monday we are walking through the green school gates and up to wards the main building. I have to say that skiing is tiring, very tiring. On the first day of skiing we all had to carry both of our skies, ski boots, and out helmet plus all the other minor skiing accessories. Tal was an amazing skier. He was in the advanced group with all his friends, Max, Freddie, Billy, Tom and Oscar. I was in the intermidiate group with my best friend Helen, and then Daisy and Emily.

We had walked past the big oak tree that stood right in the middle of a courtyard surrounded by thick gree lushus grass. The form room that Tal was supposed to be in was next to us now. He leaped up the three steps that lead into the building. He turned around to face me.

"Bye" I said

"See ya. On the bus after school right"

"Yeah sure." I answered back. Tal walked into his class room, the one on the immediate right. As soon as he did i heard a familiar teachers voice scream. It wasn't hard  to guess who at and why. Tal has his shirt untucked and his dark brown hair was a  knotty mess, his hair looked like a bird nest but even a bird wouldn't have theguts to live in there. Poor Tal.

"Good luck" I screamed through the walls and I suddenly heard a loud reply.

" Thankyou" I guess that got him in even more trouble so I decided to leave him to it as he was in enough trouble as it was.

My form was in a yellowish orangish couloured building, well so was the rest of year eight. I put my fingers on the pin keypad. I typed in the school password. 1, and the button glowed green. then 4 and the button glowed, finaly the same with the last two numbers 3 and 5. Usually there was a bunch of people crowded in this small halway right until the bell sounded for the start of form period but no-one was here so I must have been pretty late. I ran up the flight of stairs and turned right into my form room. My teacher, Mr Blossom was just finishing reading out the daily bulletin. He looked down at me as i lumbered into the room looking like a right shamble. I picked up my backs which were trailing on the floor behind me and shoved them on a bag rack.

" Andrea why are you late?" Mr Blossom questioned with a dull voice. iI really didn't know what to answer there was no reason I was just late.

" I don't know" I said doubtfully hoping that he wouldn't  shame me by saying anything stupid like ' You don't know, what a ridiculous thing to say, you'd better go to reception and sign in.' But Mr Blossom like the ruthless man he was began to scold me for nothing and had no mercy for me.

" Andrea, firstly you come into my form period late. Secondly you say you don't know why your late then thirdly you say it in a rude way as if i was born yesterday!"

My face screwed up and i shook my head slightly and I tried to ignored him and sat down next to my friend Katy. now I knew what Tal felt like all the time. Katy was a a nice girl, she was a very close friend. she had blonde and light brown hair and pale greenish and bluish coloured eyes.

Even though I tried to ignore Mr Blossoms arguement it was as if he was picking a fight with other members in the class aswell as me.

"What's up with angry pants over there?" I wispered over in Katy's ear.

" Nothing new really, just Devell making a fool out  of himself and talking back to Mr Blossom. He just won't get the message that when a teacher or someone who's older than him tells him to move places and be quiet, that he should do as he is told and zip his rude mouth right up!"

" I get you. But you got to give it to him. He is one of the funniest people I have ever known. Him and joe are just the most hilarious double act!"

"Too right" We both chanted over the bell to hear eachother.

I walked over to the door with Katy making sure that my bag was zipped up we both hurled down the stairs. James, a boy in my class was walking beside me. He was a nice boy. Small with big browns eyes. When I say his eyes were big, I mean they were big. Sometimes I would just stare at them when he was talking to me. He would usually turn his flat lips into a little curl at the corners.

"Hi Andrea. Do you want to practice our handshake, you know just for fun?" James questioned. Let me explain. It was just a thing in our class. We would have a hand shake with another person. Generally it would be a girl and a boy or a boy and a girl. Mine was with James.

" Yeah sure" I replied. We were both moving along with the heavy bustle of a crowd of people entering and exiting the building. Anyway we did our fastanating handshake. It was hard and took me lots of time to master it, but after many failed attempts here I went. We slapped our hands together and then back the other way. James and I shaped our hands into fists and punched them from top to bottom then bottom to top. ( For james bottom to top and top to bottom.) Then punched them together horizontally. Clap our hands together against eachothers two times, palms touching. Two times with the back of our hands and then we put our elbows on our knees, opposites. We chained our arm together and shook down and finally grabbing eachothers hands downs and messing up eachothers hair.

"Phewww" That was tiring.

"Heyy Andrea don't you-" I walked of and pretended that I didn't hear him. I  just wanted to forget about everything. James was cute and small with his hair rolling back into a long spirall at the top of his head. Yet I knew what some of the girls in the classroom below us on the left were thinking. I was sick of everyone saying that so and so liked me or that because I talked to a boy that ment I liked them too! It wasn't as if it was forrbidden or banned to talk to someone who was a diferent gender to you. I was friends with alot of boys in the year.

As I am walking past a near bag rack I see Jasper. Jasper is in the form directly below me, 8R. He has short brown hair with the most greenest eyes I have ever seen. At the moment his face is just wearing of from a black eye he was given whilst playing rugby. This made me chuckle to myself. Who would give up them selves to a harsh sport like rugby to get themselves injured? There is something about him that makes him stand out from the crowd. But no, this time it wasn't his rude words that distinguished him from the rest. Maybe it was his shaped face and all the features on it aswell? Jasper and I were friend, like how I just said 'hi'  and waved to him. I stop next to him, telling Katy that she can carry on with the other girls to the hall we are supposed to be going into. Katy walks on looking back at me. I don't know whay but it was as if she was trying to tell me something. I bear that in mind and start speaking to Jasper.

"Heyya Andrea."  My class and your class are going to Hodden Hall for that talk." Jasper started of.

"Yeah, do you know what it is about?" I questioned.

"Not really, E-saftey or something like that to waste our time." Jasper replied, but he swiftly changed the subject." I was wondering if you want to meet up this weekend in the village with Livvy?"

"That would be a great idea!" I said enthusiastically.

Jasper jumped up on his feet at the idea after scrumming around on the floor insearch of his  bag. " I'm going to bring a few mates around with me. Is that ok?"

" Yeah sure. That would be good." I said. Jasper picked up his bag finally after I pointed out that it was behind him, and we walked to Hodden Hall discussing our plans of where we should meet.

"Jasper" A unfamiliar voice spoke to him. We both turned around to see a teacher who hadn't taught me before but I knew well that she was a maths teacher.

" Got to go and get out of a detention" Jasper said straight forwardly.

"See ya. Bye." I turned of without hearing him say bye.

My thoughts felt like they were flying straight out of my head on pieces of paper. i

hated it when people look at you and you can tell they are judging me. I felt like that now. A girl behind me called Mia was staring at me repeatedly from my shoes to my head again and again. What was her problem. She was the one who would show off and be a loud blonde dumb when any boy that she liked walked from about 20 meters from her.

I decide to leave Mia and her jugemental thoughts to helself and I catught up with Angela who is talking to other friends in my class. I hear them talking about One Direction. Everyone in my class and lots from other year eight classes are obsessed with One Direction. Sure I like thier music, but I just dont see what the great fuss is all about.

" Yeah I know I'm so disapointed, I can't believe they are postponding the concert. I paid eighty quid for that ticket and I was looking forward to seeing them live. Its such a shame and a let down!" My friend Emily groaned. She loved one direction as much as anyone else did but when ever there was a tour or a concert with any major pop star she would always get a ticket or two to spare to another friend. Rich she was. Filthy rich. She was spoilt aswell wich didn't make matters better for herself.

" I was going to that aswell. But something major must have come up because I know that One Direction wouldn't make it difficult for their fans for any old reason. iIwonder what it is?" Daisy questioned to the others walking along side her. I didn't like daisy that much. She didn't like me either and I couldn't understand why. All I could make out was that Daisy was a very close friend of Mia's. Daisy was one of those One Direction fans that were lucky enough to have a friend who would offer to take them for a day trip to see one direction.

Me on the other hand would never go to see One Direction. I had been invited but I hadn't seen the point in going when I didn't even want to see or hear them. They were an okayish band yet I didn't see anything outstanding about them and certainaly nothing special. I saw them as the same old british possy of boys that trailed round after eachother and could only suvive on two things their voice and the girls like the ones in our year, espesially daisy and emily to pay expesive amouts of money just to get close to them. When I say close, I mean row 17 in a concert. this possy thing reminded me of some of the boys in our  year. it was like they were one massive group of friends and walking round like there was only a few of them.

 We all walked into Hodden Hall just to see Jamie Hanson leaning back against the wall near us. when he saw us he strided over and started flirting with daisy.

"Oooh Daisy" Jamie said twisting bis fingers around her thin thread like blondeish brownish hair. He then grabbed her bottle of coke from her pocket.

"Daisy, can i have some" Jamie asked

"Yeah,ok." Jamie drank out of the bottle and nearly finished it. Before giving it back to Daisy, he liked the bottle rim.

"Eeuhh! Thats grim" oOhers whined.

"Well thanks, now I will have to put this in the bin. Your such a waste of my money." Daisy walked over to the bin but didn't put it in the bin, infact later on only five minuets later i saw her drinking from it.

If i could bet money that Jamie would go out with Daisy I could make millions, I though to myself. It wan't the only time they acted as if they liked each other. My thoughts were inerupted by a lady walking into the room.

"Boys and girls please take a seat. I'm going to talk to you today about long distance relationships." She said.

I slumped down into my seat at began to listen.

authors note:

hiya everyone. this is my first movella and all i really want to say is thanks for reading. i know i put it in the catigory of fanfic but the next few chapters are about andrea and her normal life. then she suddenly gets to meet one direction.






thanks see ya


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