The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


3. Sneak Away

Mum pulls another wool cover over me, rushing around.
"Ok, so Sara you look after them! You make sure they don't go too near pestilence, go in to a house, near dead animals, touch anyone or let them wander off. I'm trusting you Sara! If anything happens, me, father and God will all be angry. You make sure they do as they're told and keep them warm. Remember, don't be long, your serving people on the west side, all you have to do is knock a few times and leave food and water outside. The only houses you leave food outside are the houses with light in the windows, we don't want food wasted now do we and remember, get your food and water from the tables by the well, they have been baked by the baker so they are edible, but don't you eat it, it's not for you" she rushes around placing wool hats on everyone's heads and extra wool layers, hoping it will keep the pestilence off us. 'Now Sa-'
"Mother!" I interrupt. "I understand, you have been over this enough times, so has dad the whole time we were working. I will keep them safe" i lied "I promise" the guilt is enough to drive anyone insane, I felt like I needed to run to the church and pray again and again. Mother looked shocked at about how rude i was but she let it drop as she can tell everyones changing because of the pestilence. I hug mother and father tightly and walk off leading Edward, Maisie and Daisy off in to the chilly afternoon as the sun was lowering in to sunset.

I lead them to the well and take them off to the side.
"Look, I hadn't seen my friends in a month, when I saw them at lunch! That's why I was late, you can't tell mother why, and i promised them I would do this with them. I'm sorry but you have to do this yourself. Edward your in charge, don't tell mother, if you do then your in trouble with me, you know mothers rules, don't go against them. If you do I promise something bad will happen. Stick to the west side, don't go in any ones house and stay safe. When you see everyone else coming back, follow them and meet me here, where we will walk back. Now look after yourselves." I hug them all and kiss them. I pass them a basket full of bread and 4 jugs of water with clay cups. 'Spread it out evenly for everyone. Good luck' I wave goodbye and grab my own baskets of bread and jugs of water and run to the trees waiting for everyone.

"Boo" Jack shouts, creeping up behind me with Lacey, Daniel and Matthew. I turn around excited passing them a jug each and smiling awkwardly. "There's enough bread for us all to give in these baskets but there's only two so we share ok" everyone nods and grabs a piece of bread and runs off towards the south side. "Guys" I shout, they all stop, turning to look at me. "I was hoping we could go to the west side so I could at least look after my brother sisters from a distance." I look at them with pleading eyes.
Lacey looks annoyed but she nods, understanding why. I give them a big thankful smile and walk off towards the west side.

"Which lane are we walking down'" I ponder. "I want to go down the lane with Edward." Lacey walks off too Birm street with everyone following behind her, trailing her like she owns everyone, but I stop, pulling Jack back. "Jack I don't like this" I admit "I feel bad letting them go off in such a time of danger and I promised mother I would look after them." I hung my head, ashamed.
Jack comes closer and holds my hand. "We don't have to go with them S, and truthfully I don't really want to go with them, since you left Lacey thought she would take your place and I can't be with her any longer, she made us come out everyday and be with her, it will be nice just me and you, like old times. I've missed it more than you would ever imagine." He gives me a hopeful smile.
I don't have to think long to know the answer.
"Yes Jack, yes! That would be great" I already feel better. He grabs the basket off me and hands me two jugs running off towards a group of people. I follow him not wanting to miss what he's saying.
"Did you see Edward Biggle and his sisters?" The group nod there head and point to Lokt Avenue. He thanks them and starts walking over there.
"Thanks about this Jack" I smile
"Anytime S" he winks.

"Have you seen them yet Jack" I shout over the fence to him as I place a piece of bread outside Hunn cottage and knock 5 times. I walk around waiting for him to come back from the house he went to. I hear me panting, running up the long path. I look down at the basket, there's only a few pieces of bread left.
"Nop-" he stops and pushes the jugs at me and runs to a house opposite. "S, your sisters are there!" He shouts. My jaw drops, what did he mean my sisters where there, what about Edward,where was Edward. I place everything on the ground and run over, my eyes watering turning me blind, my hair whipping around my face, my skirt tripping me up. I grab hold of Maisie and shake her.
"Where's Edward" I mean to scream but the lump in my throat gets it stuck and it comes out in a whisper, my voice horse. "Where's Edward?" I whimper.

Maisie looks terrified and stumbles backward. "H-he told us to go back, he-he went in to a dark house, where the smell of death made my eyes water. P-people where screaming in the house Sara, I was scared, so he told us to go to the well and wait for him" she cries. My knees start knocking and go weak but I hang on to Jack as tears start streaming down my face.
"Which house" I shout, wiping the tears away.
"That one" she whispers, as tears slide down her face.
I turn looking in her direction, at the house at the end off the street. The house where everyone had been confirmed dead, Grange Hill cottage.
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