The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


4. Misery

This time I couldn't hold myself up anymore, I fall to the floor in the mud, crying and moaning, pulling at my hair, making sure it hurt. 'This is all your fault Sara' 'you are stupid' 'god hates you' 'mother and father are going to curse the day you were born when they find out' 'none of the family will trust or love you anymore' The evils thoughts kept biting at me going round in circles, making me dizzy. I felt like I was going to throw up. Hot, warm, bubbly, fizzing chemicals were rising in my throat burning it, forcing its way out my mouth, on to the ground. I go dizzy, feeling like i'm about to go unconscious, I dip in and out of reality, i can't see anymore, I can't remember anything. Everything starts going black when icy cold, bony fingers grab me, digging in to my skin, hauling me up out the dirt.
It's Jack.
He shakes me over and over, screaming at me but I can't hear anything, it's just a mumble, all I hear now is 'this is all your fault Sara, this is all your fault Sara, this is all your fault Sara.'
When the icy cold fingers come in to contact with my skin again, slapping me around the cheek bringing me back, bringing me back to the mess, to the mess I made.
"Pull yourself together S! Get him out off there" he pushes me towards Grange Hill Cottage.

Grange Hill Cottage stands tall and eerie above me. It's dark inside, the smell of death is so thick, the burning chemicals start rising again but I swallow it down and take timid steps towards the front door. I stop just outside, afraid.
"Don't be scared S" someone behind me whispers. "It's not like I would let you go in alone"
I jump, spinning around.
"Jack! N-no. Stop and go back, it's not safe. I made this mess, I'm sorting it." I whisper.
He shakes his head and pushes past me, opening the door and stepping inside the cottage. His hand re appears, waiting in midair, waiting for me to take it. I grab on hold to it gladly, walking after him, trembling.

Sunsets just beginning so light spills in from the door, lighting up the front room. I can see dead bodies, rotting, puss oozing over them. My eyes water and I dig my head in to Jacks back so I don't have to look at the scaring sight. Jack leads on, showing me the way, my eyes still shut.

"Edward" Jack breaths.
I push Jack away and look around the second room, until my eyes set on Edwards timid figure, a shadow in the corner, standing over a trembling women, moaning in pain. Telling Edward her sins. He just stands there, shocked, afraid, listening.
"Edward" I shout, disturbing the house. "Come away"
He shakes his head. "Remember what the priest said, try listen to as many people's sins so they can go to heaven, Mrs Rovers nearly done, please Sara." He pleads.
My nostrils flare, annoyed. He's putting himself in danger for the own selfish women who let the people in from York who brought the pestilence to Pecksworth. "Not long Ed, come out very soon, or I will drag you out" i promise and with that I spit on her carpet and stomp out the death filled house dragging Jack behind me.

I stand outside, my eyes closed, trying to compose myself. Breathing in the thick air.
"Are you ok?" Jack gulps, breathing heavily.
I shake my head and look back Inside "Edward!" I scream "Now".
Sunsets nearly over, I kick the dirt beneath my feet. Mother and father are going to be angry about us being late.
I hear footsteps behind me, Edward.
I grab him and pull him in to a bug hug, squishing him. "You are an idiot!" I seethe. "I told you the rules, so did mother and so did father and what do you do?"
He pushes me away and looks down, toeing the dirt.
"Ignored the rules" he whispers timidly.
"Exactly" I huff and push him to start going.
He walks at a fast pace so he doesn't have to hear anymore from me.
Jack puts his arms around me, bringing me in to him. His same musky smell hits me, making me feel comfortable instantly.
"Everything's going to be fine, just get everyone back together, make them not mention it, tell your parents things took longer then they should and everything will be fine, I promise." He kisses my temple and shouts over Maisie and Daisy. "Remember what to tell them, good luck. I have to get back now or i will be in trouble." I pout, upset he has to go but wave goodbye to him.
I take Maisie, Daisy and Edward to the side, where no one can hear.
"What happened tonight." I pause. "It never happened, just forget about it now. All that happened is we went round together delivering bread and it took longer than it should and we bumped in to friends. Ok? Can you do that for me. Not breath a word about it to a soul?" I whispered.
They all nod in unison.
I let out a big sigh. "Thanks. We have to go now before the sunsets. I will race you back" I laugh, trying to lighten the mood.
But all the way back I couldn't concentrate, the same thought was swirling round in my head.
'Everything will be fine, I promise' 'everything will be fine, I promise' 'everything will be fine, I promise'
But what if it isn't.
What if everything goes wrong.
And it's all my fault.
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