The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


1. Let's Go

"Sara,Sara" a gentle whisper comes "Sara".

A rough hand is gently rocking me awake.

I squint my eyes open, a candle is burning brightly in to the dark room.

It's father.

"Time to go" he whispers, he places the candle next to my head and walks outside, everyone else is there shivering in the winter night clutching satchels filled with belongings. I stand up quickly getting dressed putting on the thickest things I can find to keep me warm.

I grab my satchel, checking I have every thing.

I squish in a couple more clothes and i grab my candle. As I'm walking to join the rest, I snatch more food, some cheese, bread.

Every ones pale faces peer at me, I give them the bravest smile I can and blow out the candle, putting it down on the ledge.

It plunges us in to near darkness but the moons out tonight, a quarter moon, it lights up the street dimly.



A priest rushes in to someone's house.Screams of pain drive out of the house.

I look up to the sky breathing in the cool air, It should be the middle of the night.

Amanda, my little sister clutches my hand and huddles in to my side to take my warmth.



Father starts walking, his footsteps clicking against the floor. I flinch expecting the neighbours  the sick, the dead to all come to us, stop us from getting away, from escaping. Mother looks around at us all, grabbing on to Nathan, my little brother, born last year. She pushes Maisie and Daisy to go next, my little twin sisters, ages of six. Edward my other brother goes next, who has 11 years on him, with me and Amanda tagging along, I have 13 years on me, Amanda 4.

Mother and Nathan than follow.

The Biggle family, stealing away in to the night, running away from the pestilence.



We get as far as the last house in Pecksworth when mum stops, shaking her head. "What are we doing?" Mum says in a quiet voice. We all turn to look at her, confused.

"No" she says a bit more loudly. "No, we can't run away from it, we can't run away from our family, from our friends, from people who need us. We can't do it. God will send the pestilence to us anyway for running away, for following our evil thoughts and being selfish. What will people think of us. I'm not doing it and I'm not letting my children either, we must trust god, stay here look out for everyone." Mum shakes her head again and grabs Edwards hand still clutching Nathan in the other. She nods her head for us all to start walking back to the house.

Disappointment starts rising up in me but I squash it back down and take Amanda's hand and give Maisie and Daisy and little push to start walking, I walk behind them but mum and dad are still standing there.

"Oh, come on Peter" She sighs to my dad. "You really think we could out run the pestilence, you really think we could abandon everyone in a time of need and in a time of looking out for each other. In a time where we have to be on Gods side. Everyone will think us cowards and I can't just run away. I can't Peter. I'm sorry" She apologizes again and starts walking behind us.

"I understand Alice, but don't you think it will be safer, for the kids, you have to think about the kids!" Dad whispers to mum.

I stop then and look around.

Mum just shakes her head for the third time and carries on walking, dad follows on, anger and annoyance in his face.


The next morning. The suns ray stretch on to my face waking me up, I lay there for a few moments and just forget everything, like it used to be, no pestilence, no death, no danger. But everything soon comes back and I jump up not wanting to think about it. I still have the satchel next to me. I pick it up and put everything back. I did the same for everyone else then light the hearth. Mums already there rocking Nathan while he's sucking on her breast, she looks tired and worn out, we all do. I decide I will make breakfast as it looks like mum couldn't do it so I grab a pot and make pottage.

"You've been good Sara" mother smiles "you're helping us through this, thank you."

I smile back then bang my stick against the pit and serve up the pottage.

Everyone sleepily comes out rubbing there eyes sitting round the fire, gathering together to get warm. It still cold outside but it's just breaking in to spring. I hand everyone a clay bowl filled with hot pottage and sit down next to dad, leaning in to him, I feel safe here, feel like the pestilence will never get me.

Father stands up stretching and walks to the door "Father" I say "don't go, it's not safe" Father chuckles "don't be silly Sara, we have to work if we want to survive, I can't just stop working" fathers kisses my forehead and heads to the door "and I expect to see you all later helping me, I can't do it myself" he shouts as he goes to the field. I stand up and take everyone's bowl and head over to the bowl of water to wash them. I'm so angry. How can father just walk out and go work and act normal when half the village is dead from the pestilence, when we are in danger and there is a big chance we can all still get it. Why would father put us in danger, make us work. Is it worth putting our lives at risk just to work.

I grab the first bowl and start scrubbing it all my anger going in to it, mother sees and walks over sitting next to me. She grabs the bowl and starts washing it gently. "By the time your finished there will be nothing left of it" she laughs.

I turn my head away, my eyes watering not in the mood.

Mother puts her arm around me, holding my tightly.

"Oh Sara. Look, fathers right, we need to work if we want to survive, he doesn't want to put any of you in danger but we have to work, we can't just stop! He loves you all, but we can't jut hole up in our house, we need to carry on living" she pinches my chin and pulls my face to face her. She puts down her bowl in her other hand so she can wipe away a tear sliding down my cheek. She kisses my nose and let's go off my chin. "I love you and we will get through this. Now I can finish this, get everyone ready to go to the field to help father"

I nod and hug mother tightly, smiling. Breathing in her scent. "Thanks" I whisper and get up walking over to everyone else pointing to there clothes hanging on a rotting piece of wood. They all groan, walking with me, picking up there pieces and changing.

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