The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


6. Jack

"Sara" Father whispers harshly, giving me a sharp nudge.
I stumble a bit but carry on working, running my blunt tool though the dry soil.
"You gotta stop day dreaming,you hear? I don't know what you're dreaming off and i don't care but we gotta all work hard so we can go home. The plagues got worse and I don't want a single one of you out here but it's not up to me, so the faster we work, the faster we get to go home" and with that he turns his back and carries on working hard.
I understand what he's saying but it's so hard not to daydream. Jacks just over there, working hard, his dirty blonde hair glistening in the sun and his smooth face creased with concentration, it's to irresistible not to look, I even stop working just to look over at him.
I'm staring again, "Shucks" I whisper annoyingly to myself but just as I'm about to turn away Jack looks up at me, his big creamy brown eyes staring at me and then a big smile spreads across his lips showing off his beautiful teeth. Right there and then my heart melted on the spot.
I give him the best smile I can back and then just as the best moment of the day started it ended. Jack gave me a flirty wink and turned back to his job. I feel my heart sink a bit, but I suck it up and carry on working.

The big, iron bell, rings out across the busy field, signalling for us all to go home.
Everyone looks up, stretching there backs, little smiles of relief turning up the sides of their mouth. People quickly pack up and head off, and father makes sure we don't go anywhere near people, so we set off fast, so we didn't have to go too close to anyone. I'm at the back, dragging behind me a big long tool, breaking sweat still trying to keep up with everyone else when smooth hands hold my shoulder and drag me another way, to the side and off a little footpath where no on else was. I normally wouldn't of gone without seeing the persons face but I knew, the only hands that would still be smooth  after a hard and long day of work, would be Jacks. So I trusted the hands.

He stops me, in the middle off a huge giant wood, surrounding us was big thick trees, shading us from everyone and the soaring sun and a few steps away was a crystal, clear pool with a small waterfall pounding down and soft soiled wood beneath our feet. He takes the tool from me and places it against a tree, gently.
"What is this place" I breath in astonishment, spinning round slowly in circles taking it in and breathing in the fresh smell. "And how come I've never, ever seen it before?"
He rests his back against a big oak tree and takes in a big breath before answering.
"The path we took, you have to look real hard for and you don't while you're working, I only came across it when I was younger and my dad took me for a trip to his work place. I got bored and found it. I always came back and wondered where the other side came out from. It only took about an hour to get to the other side and when I realised where I was, all my questions where answered for me, why hadn't I seen it before. It's the furthest east, you know where all children are forbidden. That's why."
He gives me a moment for me to digest the information, before he grabs my hand and takes me to the edge of the pool. "It's a brilliant day for a swim" He winks.
I look at Jack then back at the clear water, I'm so tempted. "I can't Jack" I sigh "I'm supposed to be home, my father is taking extra care so that none of us get the plague, I'm expected at home and my father will be so angry."
Jack just shakes his head. "You're old enough now Sara, and please for me, we are all damned anyway! So why not live before we die!" He pleads.
I'm quite taken aback, I never knew he had the perspective.
"Alright Jack, but you're coming back to my house to explains ok" I sigh.
He nods his head happily and adds one more thing before he strips bare naked. "We are also doing this naked."

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