The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


7. First Kiss, First Time

I take off my last piece of clothing and throw it down next to me and jump in the pool.
"You can turn around now" I smile to Jack
He turns around, licking his lips, looking me up and down.
"Didn't think you'd actually do it" Jack laughs before splashing me. My jaw drops at the shockness of water in my face. I quickly shut my mouth and splash him back, then he does it again.
"Bring it on" I whisper before I continually splashed him.
"I surrender" he laughs before chasing me, I swim away from him. He grabs on to my waist before I push him away and swim underneath the waterfall until he grabs both off his hands on to my waist and pulls me too his wet, naked body. Our body's touch and its the best feeling I've ever experienced. He trails his finger all around my body going dangerously close to my private area and my boobs. He brings me up to a rock, underneath the water fall still but it's shallow here and the pool only hides up to my knees. I'm fully exposed.
Once again he licks his lips and looks me up again, but fully this time, taking every inch off me in. I allow myself to do the same. His body is immense, I just want to run my fingers all over it.
He stops looking me up and down and brings his face close up to mine, whispering.
"I love you Sara" before smashing his plump lips against mine, bringing his tongue in my mouth, making my legs go weak.
He then brings me legs up so i straddle him then lays me on a rock, laying in top of me.
He starts trailing kisses all down my jaw bone and neck, sometimes sucking making me moan. He starts to go lower before he stops and whispers "can i"
I nod my head weakly before he starts going towards my boobs, sucking on the nipple, making me moan his name, he then leaves a trail of kisses on my stomach before he gets to my private area. He kisses the top then starts licking it. His tongue flicking my vagina, making me wet and scream his name, tugging his hair. "More" I breath. My breath getting faster with every flick. He then gives it one last kiss before he flips us over and nods knowing what I should do.
I gulp and start kissing down his muscly body, before I get to his erect penis. I lick it teasingly, I lick all the way down to the balls and kiss them, before I go back up to the top of the penis and place my mouth around it, sucking on it harder and harder. It makes me choke at times but it gives me so much pleasure. Little, soft moans escape his mouth. I keep on doing it, till creamy liquid rush in to my mouth. I swallow it up and kiss back up back to his mouth.
"Do you want to go the full way?" He asks out of breath.
"Yes" I plead
He flips us over again, and he teasingly rubs his penis over my vagina before he pushes it inside, thrusting making me moan his name, making me plead to go faster, he thrusts over and over. We both cum at around the same time and he takes his penis out, flopping beside me, cuddling me. Us both out of breath.


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