The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


8. Family Crisis

"GET HIM OUT! GET HIM OUT" Mother screams at me and Jack as we walk through the door. She's holding Edward crying, as he's screaming.
"Edward" I shout, running forward but Father pulls me back and pushes me and Jack outside.
"Where've you been!" Father seethes.
" I-I can explain sir." Jack takes a big, worried breath. "I pulled her off, I've missed her sir and I just wanted to see her agin because the pestilence has made me realise that I'm in love with your daughter."
My heart dropped to the floor.
Fathers mouth opened. He didn't know what to say.
"That's all good and well, but you can't pull her off, especially in a family crisis!"
My eyes hit the floor.
"Family crisis" I repeat, timidly
"Off you go lad, I need to tell Sara." Father points to the gate.
"Maybe I can help though." 
"Very well lad. Sara, Edward has caught the pestilence" fathers voice cracks and tears well up his eyes.
"I've loaded off your brother and sisters at Aunt Penelope's but she can't take you on. This is where you come in Jack, if you would so kindly take her in to your home." Father hands me a satchel full of clothes and pushes me away but I try retaliate. "Don't Sara. Just go. There's nothing you can do to help anymore. You can come back once Edward has passed on to The Lord." He hugs me tightly and walks me to the gate, waving me off. "I love you Sara, stay safe." 
My whole world crumbles apart. I thought my family was safe, I thought we were safe! We were taking enough precautions. 
"I hate you lord" I scream, tears sliding down my face

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