The plague has hit, and while Sara a teenage girl is trying to live in a world of death and fear she also tries to live a normal life


2. Bare

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We just arrive at the field, we're a bit late so everyone should be here but I'm shocked. I shake my head in denial, how can there only be this many people. The fields bare, normally it's full with people in groups, working hard. Breaking sweat. But there's barely anyone here. My fathers in the middle by him self, sorting out everything and there's 21 more people spread around the big field.  

My jaw drops as tears start to form. Not this many people, these many people can't have been claimed by it.

"Damn you god" I mutter before walking over to father with everyone else.

"Dad, this can't be everybody can it" I drop my head not wanting to hear the answer.

He sighs placing his wooden stick on the ground.

"I'm afraid so Sara." He sighs again.

Tears start dripping off my chin in to the thick dirt "Sara, Sara!" He gently grips my shoulders, leaving dirt. "Not everyone's..er, you know." He pauses. "people are stuck in there houses looking after the sick, people are grieving and others are too afraid to come out. So a lot of us have put our names forward to go round there houses to give them food, they probably won't take it anyway. Selfish devils" He grits his teeth. My jaw again drops, dads never like this, he never says the word devil, he doesn't allow it. "Anyway" he carries on "I put some of you forward, not the younger ones, so you guys" he looks at me mostly "are going to have tea late and you better stick together. Sara's in charge." He picks his stick back up and hands us all different equipment pieces. I take mine gladly and start working hard, hoping it will take my mind off everything.                            

A couple of hours later, we stop. Thirsty and hungry we all walk back to our houses to refresh. Mothers already got pottage on the go but no water. No one else is going to so I pick up the bucket, annoyed and stomp out the house, banging the bucket against the wood beam.


Our house is set away a bit from everyone else, so especially since the pestilence came I haven't really been out, father got the water. We stayed up in our house for a few weeks while the worst of the pestilence came and today was our first day back in to the normal world. Apart from the night we tried to escape.

I remember the first day the pestilence came. These selfish people from York came, a month back, jumped over the wall so they couldn't get found out and stayed at grange hill cottage. They thought they were safe, didn't have it but they brought it with them. They passed it on too Mrs Rover, the owner of the cottage but by then it was too late. Mrs Rover was a active person. She would make food for her closest friends, luckily not us, one way of passing it on. Invite people for dinner, another way and go in to people's home coughing over them. The people from York fell ill a few weeks ago and Mrs Rover locked herself in never to be seen again. The people from York fell dead first, then Mrs Rover and her family then everyone else who had eaten her food or been coughed on by her and then it started spreading like fire. We stayed away until we thought it was safe.


I walk thought the lanes, swinging my bucket. I felt like the only one alive. I was a ghost town. A shiver ran down my spine. The thick smell of death hung in the air. Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, they all lay on the road dead with the big pestilence spots oozing puss all over them. I was nearly sick, so I ran. Afraid I was going to pick up the pestilence.             I was glad a few more people were here, walking to get water like me, but these are just the people working on the farms, the brave people.      


 I stare through windows, but all I see is blackness, and sometimes candles flickering in the houses where people have hidden. I feel like spitting on there lawns, but I stop myself and carry on. The wells just ahead. A group of people are stood around chatting. I roll my eyes, how are people so stupid. Don't they realize this is good way to get the pestilence. I push myself to the front of the Que. and fill my bucket to the brim. I start stomping off when a familiar voice comes "ooh oh, looks like someone's in a mood. Maybe hit there teenage years" a chuckle follows. A little smile spreads across my lips and I spin around on my heels.

"Jack" I cry before running up to him but I stop just before him, I'm not taking any chances. He shakes his head. "I don't get a hug and I haven't seen you for what, a month?" I nod biting my lip. He puts his bucket down and takes mine and puts mine next to his. He then wraps his arms around me, hugging me tightly, I take in his familiar smell and it calms me down instantly, it feels so good. "I've missed you S" he whispers but just loud enough for me too hear. A big grin spreads across my face. He lets go and kisses my hand.    

 "I also think you've forgotten about these guys" He leads me over to a group of people. "Remember them" he laughs.       My brain does somersaults "guys!" I scream and hug everyone, not caring about the pestilence, I'm just happy to see all my friends after all this time being holed up. "So, what's the latest" I swing myself up on a wall with everyone else.              Lacy squishes up to me, fiddling with her hair "Everyone on Grange road, healing bloom and rendy worg is dead, most of the people up at the church" she lazily points in the direction of the church "is dead, caught it from all the houses they have been in with the pestilence. Sabby, kada amd Gail's family's are all hidden, afraid to come out and the rest of us are living. What about you though, we haven't seen you in ages S, it's been weird." She nudges me with her sharp elbow.    "Not a lot. My family just wanted to hide while the worst of the pestilence came. Got back to working today. Didn't see any of your lot on the field today, you scared me guys. Now I realize your just lazy." Everyone else lowered there heads. "Shame about everybody though. Anyway you coming to the field tomorrow?" I ask. Lacy answers for everyone again "No, what's the point of working hard of we are going to die anyway from the pestilence. Oh actually Jacks being forced, aren't you." Another big smile creeps across my lips.


I jump off the wall picking up my bucket "I can't stay guys, have to have lunch then work, late as it is. See you guys tomorrow here, I'll tell mum I'm skipping lunch." I start walking off and waving good bye, when I spin on my heels "wait, any of you having to go around giving food to the hide always?" I ask.

Lacey answers for everyone again. "Yes. Me, jack, Daniel and Matthew. You have to come with us, please dearling. We need to catch up."

My smile fades. "I promised mother I would talk my younger brothers and sisters".

"So, oh come on. Edwards eleven. He can look after them. We will sneak off." she begs

I couldn't say no after not seeing them, so I agree already feeling guilty. I wave them goodbye. Walking back happy but annoyed. We always were the bad ones, the ones you wouldn't let your daughter or son hang out with.

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