The Stronger of two sides

Kristen McLean's life has been all about music and she finally lands her big job as One Direction's lead guitarist. Until she gets distracted by some of the bands members that is. She stirs the hearts of Harry and Louis and the story continues. Contains sexual content and cussing 15+


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5: A new beginning for two


Harry's POV

That was the most embarrassing thing ever. Louis isn't talking to me. AND KRISTEN SAID NO. SHE SAID NO. I feel like the biggest idiot in the entire world. I felt so embarrassed when she said no that I excused myself from dinner and took a cab home.

I felt the hot tears behind my eyes starting to form. It was so embarrassing. The taxi driver did not say anything though I could tell he was silently judging me. WHAT WAS I THINKING. Asking a girl I barely knew to dinner. No wait, i'd done it tons of time. They just never said no.

The cab driver alerted me that we'd reached my home and I paid him the fare. I tried a brave smile but felt it waver myself.

I jogged up to my door and let myself in. I made myself some spaghetti and ate alone while watching the telly. I got a few texts from Niall and Liam.

From Liam: hey, mann. What happnnned just now??? Please explain eveythingggg

From Niall:Bro, i thought we were gona keep things subtle?? i'll be here if ya need anythin

I sighed. I'll explain everything to the boys and Louis tomorrow. Especially Louis.

I tried calling and I left a few texts for Louis but there wasnt a word from him. I scratched the head of my year old kitten Dino. She had grey fur and brown eyes that stared at me curiously. I gave a half-hearted laugh and carried him to bed with me. I lay down and fell asleep immediately.


Kristen's POV

I was still in shock with myself. I liked Harry but in that way. He was just going to be the cute friend that all the girls went for while I watched by the side. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT.


AND I SAID NOO (double sigh)

Honestly what is wrong with. After I muttered no to Harry, he din't really do anything, he just excused himself with a clearly forced smile and walked out. 

The rest of the dinner I felt numb and confused, not sure what to say. Niall, Zayn and Liam tried their best to lighten up the food. They talked about all sorts of things, from the food to Zayn running into a glass door that morning. Louis, I noticed was quiet for some reason. He din't say much at all, just looking down at his food and laughing forcefully and some of the jokes.

After dinner was over the boys offered to drop me home and I said yes.

"Dont forget about rehearsals tomorrow, Kristen." Louis said, giving me a brave smile. It was the longest sentence he said since the Harry incident.

"I won't" I gave him a warm smile and turned to the others. "Bye!"

They said their goodbyes and drove away.


After I kissed Aiden and settled into bed, I decided to give Harry a call just to get an explanation. I looked at my clock 11:46p.m. A little late. Well, a teenage boy like him would probably be awake. I dialed his number and waited.

"He-hello?" A sleepy voice answered.


"Uhm, Harry" I tried "Its Kristen here. You know, your guitarist?" There was a silence and he replied, sounding a little stunned,  "Oh, Kristen. Of course I know who you are, hii"

"I don't want to sound pushy, but I just wanted to ask you why you asked me to dinner?" I clenched my fist, hoping he din't get angry. Waking him up just to ask him about something he obviously regretted doing.

Again, there was a silence. "Actually, Kristen. It was a dare."

I din't know whether to feel relieved or whether I should cry. Maybe part of me wished that he really was into me.

I made a half-choking/ half-coughing sound. "Ohh, okay then. I thought so, I just wanted to make sure. Well, bye then.. i'll see you tomorrow" I was about to put off the call when he said something.

"Wait! Kristen, wait"


"Uhm, I want to let you know that i'm sorry for playing you like that. It was a dare, nothing more."

I felt like he ran a knife though me.

"Yeah, I understand, Mr.Styles."

"And one more thing?" I could tell he was smiling.


"Could we just talk? I don't think i'll be able to sleep anymore tonight"

Oh what the hell, I thought.

"Yeah, okay." I smiled. Now it felt like when we first met, just playing a fool. So for the rest of the night, we talked. We talked about all sorts of things. About our childhood memories, school and being on tour. This is what I liked.

I actually felt at peace since a long time.


Louis POV

I was sitting on my patio, drinking my yorkshire tea, rethinking about what Harry did tonight. Ever since Eleanor left me to be with that James guy, there's been an empty space in my heart.

A tear slid down my cheek as I recalled what Eleanor had said to me the night she broke it off. "You'll never be good enough for me" the words rang though my head like it was my funeral song. More tears slipped as I tried to regain my composure. Louis Tomlinson does not cry.

Liam came out to accompany me. He decided to stay the night to make sure I was okay.

He offered me some more tea, I looked down and realized that I had drained whatever was in my cup. I nodded. As he pouring my tea, I thought, since we're only seeing Kristen on selected days i've got on an idea to see each other more often. I smiled at Liam as I said the words I never thought I would ever say.

"One Direction are going to school."


Authors note: Hi guys! So, yes. Harry lied about it being a dare, Do you think Louis was being weird in this chapter? Okay, I have absolutely NOTHING against Eleanor, but I thought it was would be better for this story if she was removed, i'm sorry for anyone who got offended, btw. I know its pretty boring, the first few chapters are, because I need to build up the story and make you understand whats going on, okay? Lemme know what you guys think!

Love, Gwenxx

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