The Stronger of two sides

Kristen McLean's life has been all about music and she finally lands her big job as One Direction's lead guitarist. Until she gets distracted by some of the bands members that is. She stirs the hearts of Harry and Louis and the story continues. Contains sexual content and cussing 15+


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Strange Night


Kristen's POV

I took a deep breath as I slipped on my bra. I thought about how horrifying school was yesterday. Word obviously got around that I was to be working with 1D.

Some people stared while some whispered when I walked by. People who I never thought would talk to me, talked to me. I was suddenly some sort of celebrity in school. I hated the thought of it. People came to talk to me because they wanted attention, not because they wanted to know me better.

"KRISTEN" Bella kicked my room door open and ran to give me a big hug. I was holding two sets of clothes in both my hands so I couldn't hug her back

She plunked herself on my bed. It was Saturday,8.00a.m. and I was getting ready for rehearsals with 1D. It was hard for Bella to get up at 12p.m. on weekends and yet here she was watching me prepare. She must like them a lot.  

"Okay then" I started putting on my maroon t-shirt paired with jeans.

"No!" Bella exclaimed, horrified, "Here" She held out a purple bag I hadn't noticed earlier. "You cant wear that when you meet the boys in person! First impressions are extremely important" I looked down at my clothes, blushing. I was about to say something when Bella interrupted me, "I mean, no offense. But I forced Talia to go to the mall with me yesterday and we picked out a months worth of clothes for you. And don't look at the bag like it grew hands or something, the rest of the clothes are my home, of course they can't all fit here, now go change!"

"Wow, that was cool" She said, catching her breath.

I giggled, "I'll go change now, faggot. "Wait here"

"I may be the great Bella Kingston, but I still have feelings ya know" She smiled

I looked into the backpack and pulled out what I saw first. A white lace top, see through. I pulled out 2 more items. A pair of jeans torn at the knees and blue tank to go with the lace one. Bella frowned as she spun me around in front of my mirror, clearly unsatisfied. I felt like her doll she was playing dress-up with. "Now" she said, "I'll just put on some simple make-up, nothing much, don't wanna look like you'tr trying too hard"

"But you ARE trying too ha-"

"Shh, kid. Let Bella handle this"

She took out some of my make-up and put eyeliner, a little bit of dark eye-shadow and some gloss.

"I have always loved your eyelashes" Bella muttered while fixing my hair with anti-frizz spray. 

"Are you done yet?" I complained

"Okay." She turned me to face my mirror, "Done" She grinned.

"Wow" was I could muster. "Thanks Bella" I touched my long dark curls.

"Uhm, Kristen?" She asked


"Correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't your practice start at 11?" I looked at the clock hanging over my dresser. It read 10:55.

"Fuck" I grabbed my guitar and gave Bella a fierce hug, "See ya later" She hugged me tight and said: "Good luck, kid" as I ran out the door.



Harry's POV

I paced on stage as I waited for rehearsals to start, The boys and I were in a stadium that could hold 100,000 people. Mechanics and stage supervisors ran around getting things prepared for rehearsals. It was already 11a.m. and Kristen still hadn't arrived. Maybe she hated our personalities when she spoke to us the other day.

I stared at my text to Kristen I had sent earlier.

To Kristen: hiiii:) its Harry here, I cant wait to see you at practice later. Byeee! Xx

Zayn and Louis were messing with the speaker system, Liam was having a nap at the bottom of the stage- if someone wasn't looking right, they could step right on Liam's face- and Niall was watching me pace. He knew what I was thinking about.

I looked down at the phone in my hand. Kristen hadn't even replied to my text. She hates me. She hates me and i'm screwed. 

Just then, I heard the sound of a door opening from my right and in walked a girl with dark curls and eyes that pierced.




Louis POV

I was goofing off with Zayn when I heard a door opening, I looked over and saw Kristen. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry gawking. I felt a twinge of something, not sure what.

I immediately, I ran down the steel steps and stopped in front of Kristen, "Hello, love." I said, giving her a hug. She was nice and warm and smelled of Aloe Vera. She gave each of the boys a big hug, except Liam, who was sleeping somewhere. We still had a few minutes until practice really started.

I pulled her guitar bag off her shoulders and put it with the other instruments. "Wow" She said, "you guys are so much taller in person"

"Hey!" Zayn called, "come sit over here you guys."

We all crowded into the lounge room and found our own spots. I saw in a maroon recliner. "We're so glad ya could make it, Kristen" Niall said,

"Yeah," Harry said, "We nearly thought you were gonna abandon us"

Kristen smiled "And miss my first rehearsal with the most famous band in the world?" She said sarcastically. "No no no."

Harry pouted, "We're not like that!" Everyone laughed.

"Hey hey-" Zayn started.

"Wey hey you mean" Niall said biting one of his nails.

Zayn shot him an annoyed look. "No, I was gonna say, maybe we could play 20 question!" Everyone agreed and I pointed to Niall, "you first buddy" Niall looked around for his victim and his gaze landed on Kristen. "Your up, new girl"

"Aww, what?" She exclaimed. "Okay, shoot"

"Uhmm, how old are you?" Niall asked. Everyone groaned. "Niall! Your supposed to ask something interesting!" Zayn said, Harry and I agreed.

Niall looked offended. "Well, soRRY IF I'M NOt interesting enough" Kristen smiled. "Well, i'm 16 if anyone's interested"

"I'll ask then!" I smiled. I asked what has been on my mind ever since I laid eyes on her. Probably Harry's too. "Do you have a boyfriend" I tried cheekily in attempt to mask my curious-ness.

I held my breath. Kristen shifted in her seat and I saw Harry lean forward waiting for an answer.

"Nope, I don't. Cause i'm a lesbian" She said with a straightface.

I choked on my saliva and the rest of the boys stared at her. "Oh my god, you guys. I'm just kidding. I'm happily straight" She laughed at our stunned faces.

I was the first to recover. "Kristen! bloody hell, your sense of humour is weird as fuck" I exclaimed.

At that moment Paul entered. "Hey, boys." He saw Kristen and smiled "And girls. I think we should start practice early today"


Practice was fun as always. I could see why they picked Kristen as our lead guitarist, she was absolutely sick! Nailing solos like no big deal. We finished off practice with Over Again. We high-fived each other and ran to our dressing room to get changed back. Harry invited Kristen to join us for dinner after.

She plopped down on our sofa, smiling, "That was officially the greatest thing ever. That was so real"

"Good" Niall said, "your gonna be doin it almost everyday in a few months time"

We finished getting ready and went for dinner at a restaurant in the city. California was sure a wonderful place.



Kristen's POV

I settled down in a chair with Harry and Liam on either side. Harry shot me a playful smile and I felt my heart beat fastrer. God, he was cute. It was a good thing Bella dressed me up, because this restaurant was fancy.

I was thinking about practice just now when Harry interrupted my thoughts. "So, what will you be having Betty?" I shot him a death stare and he grinned cheekily.

I realized the waiter was waiting for me. "Uhm i'll have the seafood platter." I decided to take advantage of this oppurtunity, it wasn't often I had a chance to eat at a place like this. "And i'll have some white wince please" The waiter noted and hurried off.

Then Louis, Zayn and Niall were chatting amongst themselves trying to pull us into the conversation whenever they could. When suddenly Harry said something that made me stop in my tracks.

"Kristen," he looked at me "would you like to go for dinner with me tommorow night?"

Suddenly, it was as if someone had said they were going off to war or something because everyone was quiet and looked at me.

I heard myself mutter "I can't" without even thinking.


Authors note: Please let me know what you think about this story guys :) And let me know which point of view you'd like to see it from: Kristen, Harry, Louis, Bella, Natalia or Niall. And please let me know if you prefer Kristen with Louis or Harry! xx


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