The Stronger of two sides

Kristen McLean's life has been all about music and she finally lands her big job as One Direction's lead guitarist. Until she gets distracted by some of the bands members that is. She stirs the hearts of Harry and Louis and the story continues. Contains sexual content and cussing 15+


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Home's truth and confusion. 


Kristen's POV

I smiled when I pressed the end call button. They were nice, humble people. Nothing like what I expected.

AND HARRY, I thought. Wow. I never thought he was THAT good looking, even in the dark light (of Zayn's house, I later found out) he still looked super good.

His curls swept over the top of his forehead and he was crossing his arms.

Louis was a funny person, he made me laugh a lot. Liam was such a sweet guy, I don't even know where to begin. Niall was really talkative and he had a really cute laugh. Zayn.. uhm where WAS Zayn?

I saw him in the beggining but he disappeared half-way through. Oh well, at least i'll get to know him better at rehearsals. I shut down my laptop and went to check on my little brother.

As I walked through the hallway to Aiden's room, I could hear the shouting. Even if it may happen nearly everyday, it was something you just don't get used to: your parents shouting at each other. Colourful cuss words were being thrown all around downstairs. I stepped on a creaky part of the parquet, as soon as they heard my mistake there was immediate silence.

Fuck. I cursed myself. I was doing fine until I hit that spot.

"Kristen? Aiden? Honey, is that you?" My mothers voice rang out, hoarse from all the shouting.

I din't say anything.

I heard my father sigh, he I knew I was there. He always knew. I ignored my heavy heart beat and continued to Aiden's room and din't relax until I closed the door.

"Kristen?" A quivering, tiny voice called out. I turned on the light to see Aiden curled up in bed. He just turned 9 last week. My insides melted and I smiled.

"Yeah." I said reassuringly as I sat on the side of his bed and stroked his dark hair. "I'm here, Aiden" I knew that our parents arguing really bothered him. I noticed he hadn't been eating much lately and he was always asking me the same question: "Why were they fighting?"

I never knew how to answer him. They just had so many differences it was scary. They hooked up at a party 17 years ago and I was the result of a broken condom, I guess. I was a mere little "fling" they had. My mothers parents never wanted their image to be ruined so they had to get married. I got angry just thinking about it.

Basically, this was all my fault. If I hadn't been born, none of this would have happened. So what do I say to Aiden.

He sat up and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and teared up a little. I felt like I was responsible for what was happening to this incredible kid.



Niall's POV


I woke up on the floor.

"HARRY" I whined. He kicked me off the bed, again.

He was sleeping faced down, his body spread out on the entire bed, on MY part of the bed. Harry mumbled something about a flower and lifted his head to look at me. "Sorry"

"Sorry my arse- wait. why are you smiling? God I swear I live with weirdos" I rolled my eyes.

Harry sighed happily "I think I may fancy Kristen" He looked away. I wasn't surprised. From the way he was looking at her yesterday, anybody could have known. "Yeah, she is pretty hot" I replied, "maybe someone can finally teach you a thing or two about having a sense of humour." I laughed.

"Shut up" He threw a pillow at me and I ducked. I ran out into the hallway in only my underwear, Harry close behind me. Naked.

I sped passed Liam's room and turned left into the kitchen. Zayn, Perrie and Louis were having breakfast. They looked over and Louis said: "There happens to be a girl in here, boys" He raised his eyebrows but he was grinning.

Zayn covered Perrie's eyes while I felt Harry's hand close around my waist and we both fell to the ground. "Thats enough boys" I heard Paul's voice and a well-muscled hand pulling us both to our feet, "We've got a long day ahead of us"

Me and Harry laughed as we were playfully shoved out of the kitchen. "Its safe now, Perrie." , we heard Paul announce.

I laughed as I walked into the room slapping Harry's bum. "Your laugh never fails to amuse me, Niall." Harry flipped open his phone and made a short text. Kristen, I bet. Hehehe, so cute.

As I was about to step into the bathroom, Harry put a hand on my shoulder. "You can't mention anything about Kristen to Louis." He thought about it for a while, "or the others too, actually."

I shot him a questioning look.

He ran his fingers through his hair and sighed "I haven't figured anything our yet. I know Lou has his eye on her though. I just want to take things slow and get to know her better first" He smiled.

"Okay, buddy. I won't say anything." Giving him a wink, I walked into the shower.

Rehearsals with Kristen and the rest of the band today. Hehe this was going to be interesting.


Authors note.

Here's chapter 3 and I hope you like it. They're going to actually meet in the next chapter! And, soon after that, there's gonna be some Larry drama. Just want to you know that I see all your lovely comments and I love you guys! xx


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