The Stronger of two sides

Kristen McLean's life has been all about music and she finally lands her big job as One Direction's lead guitarist. Until she gets distracted by some of the bands members that is. She stirs the hearts of Harry and Louis and the story continues. Contains sexual content and cussing 15+


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: A hyper friend and an awkward meeting


"OH MY GOD" Bella practically flung her bag onto a boy passing by her. 

Her outburst caused several curious looks our way. We were by my locker at the and of a hectic Thursday. Natalia was calmly checking out the latest issue of Cosmo.

Once you hang out with Bella often enough, you get used to her sudden outbursts.

"Shush up, faggot. People are looking" I calmed her

"Okay, okay. But tell us EVERYTHING he said to you" 

I laughed, "okay!"


On our way home, in Natalia's convertible, I told Bella everything.

"Oh you sassy little bitch." She laughed, "If I was you, I wouldn't have been able to say one word"

"God Bella, They're just people" Natalia said, exasperated. She, just like me did not treat them like Gods. She's also the most level-headed between the three of us.

"THANK YOU, TALIA." I said. She smiled.

Bella continued her lame fangirling even when no one was really listening. "By tomorrow, the ENTIRE school will know about you working with the boys"

I sighed, this was gonna a long few days.


That night, I skyped with the boys about what songs we were going to be doing.

"Have you heard any of our songs?" Liam asked. Niall was preoccupied with some kind of food. He seemed to think that anyone who looked at him was going to steal some.

"I've heard a couple" I answered, eyeing Niall "uh, my friend is a fan of yours"


Harry's POV

"Wow" was the first I said when I saw this Kristen girl. She was really fit, even Louis and Zayn thought so and began nudging each other.

She had long dark brown curls and green eyes, like me. We were skyping with her to discuss the song options.

"Well, I quite enjoy the song Nobody Compares" Kristen said. I could see her room from the webcam, it was painted a light blue and had drawing of guitars and pictures of her and her friends hanging on the walls.

"Hey! I love that song too!" Liam responded with a smile.

She was about to say something when she looked behind Liam and caught sight of me. "Well. Hello Mr.Styles"

I thought about the conversation we had on the phone earlier today and I grinned. "Hello, Betty"

"OH" Niall smiled while chewing on some french fries we'd ordered. "Looks like someones already got nicknames for each other" The boys gagged and coughed. Louis turned to me so his back was facing the screen and mouthed "dibs"

"Oh its nothing Niall" Kristen responded hastily. I thought I might have saw her blush, or it may have just been me. "It was just friendly banter on the phone. I nodded.

"OH!" Liam raised his eyebrows and looked at the boys "And there was a phone call" With his eyebrows still raised, he and the boys turned to me to as if waiting for an explanation.

I shrugged my shoulders and laughed, "What?! I was just letting her know about practice this weekend"

"We'll let you go this time, Harry" Louis said playfully and turned back to the screen. The rest of the video call was just them talking like old buddies, then at one point Niall and her started discussing intensely about the guitar chords that we going to be played.

I was pretty tired, we were at Zayn's house in London, hanging out. Speaking of Zayn, while we were skyping, the bad boy had snuck out with Perrie. I laughed to myself.

I wanted to get to know her better. Alone. Not with everyone watching and thinking we had a secret relationship going on. She was a funny person, from what I gathered so far.

That night, after we said our goodnights and I settled with Niall in one of the guestroom beds, I thought to myself, this is only the start.

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