The Stronger of two sides

Kristen McLean's life has been all about music and she finally lands her big job as One Direction's lead guitarist. Until she gets distracted by some of the bands members that is. She stirs the hearts of Harry and Louis and the story continues. Contains sexual content and cussing 15+


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: An unimpressive phone call.

Okay, first things first, I NEVER asked for any of this. Al I wanted was to finish up high school and pursue my music career. But, then again, life is so unexpected its crazy. So, before you start to get bored, I shall tell you my story, all from different points of view :)



Kristen's POV


My name is Kristen McLean. I am 16 years old with dark curly hair and sea green eyes.

I go to a school called Woodland Academy in California through a scholarship. See, my family isn't exactly the most richest, so I pull through whenever I can. People who go to this school have to maintain a really high social status.

I've always had an interest in music, its always been my passion ever since I can remember. I especially love the guitar (electric and acoustic) and the drums. Though I also play the piano and a few other instruments.

My best friends Natalia and Bella greeted/ attacked me the minute I walked through the doors of Woodland Ac.

"SOOOOO?????" Bella demanded, "Did you get it or not?" She has straight rust red hair that reached her mid-back and green eyes just like me.

Natalia smiled and looped her hand through mine. "Bella, you don't even need an answer, her face says it all" Natalia, I cannot lie, is beautiful. She has a heart shaped face with blonde ringlets that bounced every time she got excited. She also had startling blue eyes.

Between the three of us, she was hands down the one that got the boys more. At first, it was hard for me to fit in at this school, just because I was average. But, nice people do exist and at lunch on the first day of school, Bella and Natalia invited me over to their group of friends, we had a ton in common and it seemed like we knew each other since forever. I owe them so much.

I started to smile while adjusting the books in my hands. "YES. I GOT IT." Some people stared when the two of them started squealing. 

"You guys." I muttered, starting to feel embarrassed. I was never one to yearn for attention. You see, a week ago the school Dean had asked me to apply for a good-paying job as a lead guitarist for some band. So I did, and I got the job.


But hell, it sure did pay a lot. They must be some big group. I don't even know who the band is yet, but I cant wait till I find out.



It was during 4th period that my phone rang. "Damn it" I cursed and quickly grabbed my phone. Since I am usually quite a tentative student, my teacher just evil-eyed me but din't say anything. 

"Hello?" I whispered. Some people were starting to look at me. I bit my bottom lip, grabbed my bag and with a quick wave to Mrs. Haly, I was out the door. 

I leaned against the wall of the girls toilet and made sure no one was there. I sighed in relief, and heard someone with a deep, raspy voice along with a british accent on the other end say: "Hiii, uhm are you Kristen?"

I raised my eyebrows "Well, I suppose that depends on who you are, a serial killer or someone I might know." I heard a laugh, "Well, this is Harry Styles speaking, so are you Kristen or the famous Betty White?"

"Well, Mr.Styles. This is Betty White, how may I help you? Two can play at this game. Of course this is Kristen."

He stiffled a laugh, "Well, hi Kristen. Just wanted to tell you that you are One Direction's new lead guitarist!" He paused as if waiting  for a huge response.

Too bad he din't get one.

"Okay." I said, making it sound like it was no big deal. I was suppressing a smile, purposely trying to annoy him. But honestly, just because they were One Direction doesn't mean that someone has to jump off a cliff just because they got hired by them.

I've heard of them a lot from Bella, she's part of the schools gossip team. I did think it was cool to be working with them though.

"Okayyy then" he replied, clearly disappointed with my response. "The boys and I look forward to seeing you this weekend at the rehearsal location then, you got the message right?"

"Yep, see ya then Mr. Styles."

"Just call me Harry."

"I prefer Mr.Styles, its more.. formal."

Harry sighed. "Whatever suits you then, see you!"

I put off the call and giggled. It was pretty fun to annoy The Big Harry Styles. No so much after all.

I looked around and realized where I was. I took one last look at the caller ID and decided to save his number. It won't kill you, I thought to myself, after all he's your new colleague. I smiled at the thought of having my own job. Finally.

I grabbed my bag and headed back to bio class. "Good to be working with you too, Mr.Styles."

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