Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


1. Prologue

Just a reminder that this is a prologue so it is shorter than the other future chapters :D Review my lovelies?



Carter’s POV

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hey!

Stranger: Hi

You: asl?

Stranger: What?

You: Age? Gender? From?

Stranger: 17

You: gender?

Stranger: Say you're age first

You: 16

Stranger: M

You: Female, I have brown hair :)

Stranger: Cool.

You: From?

Stranger: You first

You: England

Stranger: Really?! Which part?

You: 5 minutes from downtown London.

Stranger: Holy Cheese! So do I!

You: You're lying...

Stranger: No I’m serious. I live on the south side.

You: Oh, I’m on the north side.

Stranger: What school do you go to?

You: I go to, King’s Academy. I have a long bus trip. hbu?

Stranger: i’m done school

You: College/university?

Stranger: No, I have a well payed job though.

You: Oh, that's awesome. Sorry but I have too go now. Dinner :P

Stranger: That's totally fine. What’s your name?

You: Not gonna say ;)

Stranger: Why not? :( ;)

You: You could be a creeper :P

Stranger: Fine.

You: Why don’t we have a code name f that we say to each other if we think we found each other.

Stranger: Let’s make it fun. When we think we found each other let’s not ask about it, just ask, “Hug Me?”

You: I like it ;)

Stranger: See you later then stranger :D

You: Looking’ forward to it. BYE! :)

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I sighed and closed my laptop. Now I just gotta remember, Hug Me?


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