Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


4. Chapter 3

Carter's POV

I woke up. I had fallen asleep on the street! It was a lot less busy with only a few cars left on the street.
It was dark, I was cold. My mind was a craze. Is it true? Of course it was. I've asked myself that too much already. I better get used to it, as this is my life now. As I was sleeping, I dreamt about that last omegle conversation I had with the "hug me?" Guy. I honestly don't know why. It's probably because it is the last memory before I found out about the bad news.

A few people were walking on the streets. It stopped raining, which is good. I still don't understand why no one has noticed me yet. I could hear a man's voice coming near. Who ever it was, he did not sound too happy.

"I honestly don't care Harry. When I call out for rehearsals, I expect you to be there." He paused. Probably waiting for an answer from whatever Harry he was talking to.

Yes I can tell you what to do. You wanted this and you signed that contract!" He was sounding angry now. He stopped right in front of me but he doesn't see me.

"We will continue this tomorrow." He said and then hung up. He sighed then kicked an empty pop can in my direction. It hit the cool brick wall next to me. I sort of jumped. His head shot back towards me.

"Oh my god. Sorry, did that hit you?"

"No" my throat cracked from crying all day.

"You sound dehydrated. There is a cafe just a block away, if you have enough energy, you can come with me, my treat."

"Ummm..." I managed to croak out.

"Uh, I was going there anyway." The man said. I smiled and got up, whipped my face and we walked together to the cafe.

"What's your name love?" He asked me as we walked inside. The heat from the room hit me. It felt so nice compared to outside.

"Carter." I told him.

"Carter? I've never heard of that for a girl before. That is a really nice name." He said.

"What is your name?" I asked him.

"My name is Simon Cowell."

"Simon Cowell, as in the TV Simon Cowell?" I asked.

"Umm yes it is.  You know, I'm only a jerk on TV for show right?" He asked.

"Well I do now". I said with a smile and took a sip of my tea after the waitress gave it to me.

"Now Carter, I hope you don't mind me being nosy, but
Why were you just sitting in the streets when it's dark and wet outside?" He asked me. I could sense the tears forming but I managed to not tear that much as I explained about it. I just let my feelings vent out of me.

Simon almost looked that he was going to cry as well. I explained how I didn't want to go to the police with the fact that I'd be put into foster care with people who I may or may not like.

"You are in quite a pickle, miss." He said. Simon sighed and then rested his chin on his hands making me think that he was thinking.

"You know, I know that you don't want to go to the police and everything but you have to or you will be a missing person." I looked down at my tea.


"Let me call them now." He offered.

"No you don't have to do that". I said.

"Well, I'm not doing anything and you seem like a sweet girl. Why don't I call them?"

"Uh, okay." I said unsure. The pit in my stomach felt like it was in a not. What's going to happen now?

*5 minutes passed*

"Okay, thank you so much." Simon said and then ended his phone call.

I just look at him for an answer.

Okay, you can go in tomorrow to the police. I got permission for you to spend the night at my place. I got a few spare rooms for you to choose from." He said. "I'll call a car."

And he did. Not a cab. One of his drives picked us up. It was quite awkward going to his place. He tried to make conversation. I on the other hand,'was pretty bad at it. But

But do you expect? This the most awkward thing that has ever happens to me. First this morning I find out my parents are dead, then I'm staying the night at THE Simon Cowell's house!!!

We pulled into his place. We first stopped and passed a gate. I then look out the window. OH. MY. GOD! His house was huge!  It was a VERY large White House with many windows. It had a pool, I think. I could only see the edge of it. It had gardens. I could only wish I could see it in daylight. I was still cold and wet and it wasn't pretty.

The driver opened the door for us. Simon got out first and held out his hand to me. I took it as I jumped out.

"Thanks." I said shyly as I let go of his hand.

"You need different clothes... The house cleaner will make you comfortable and i’ll be right back. He said and then went back into the vehicle and pulled out of the house.

Where could he be going?

"You must be Carter! I'm Nancy!" Said a mid-30s lady. The must be the housekeeper.

"Hi."I shyly smiled back. This was going to be getting used to. Tomorrow is the foster homes...




~NATALIE ;) <3

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