Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


23. Chapter 22

(A/N - This is a special interview chapter! But there are POV’s in it as well! Read on! Do not skip it!)


*Theme song plays*




*Natalie comes in riding a unicorn that poops nutella*






Natalie: Welcome back to the Natalie show where it is all Natalie all the time!!!! Remember awhile ago when we had the cast of ‘Hug Me?’ by Me on set! That was exciting! Well, we re-did the studio and they are back! The cast is bigger and the questions are better and of course, the story is intenser!




Natalie: You may have remembered when I picked out a member of the audience? Well she is here to help me co-host because she’s awesome!!!! You can find her on the beautiful website of Wattpad (aka life) at  xXSilenceTheBeastXx, so everyone give it up for Kaylin!


*Kaylin walks out*


Kaylin: Hey everyone!




Natalie: So tell us about your purpose here.


Kaylin: I am here to co-host! I will not be in the actual story but I am here working for Natalie is Natalie World! Which is amazing by the way!


Natalie: Okay! Lets bring out the guests of the night!


Kaylin: Can I?!?!


Natalie: Did I mention shes a huge fan? Okay!


Kaylin: Yay! Okay! Welcome Simon, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Brittany, Edward, Carter, Mena...


*Takes pause for a breath*


Kaylin: And.. That's it!


*Characters come out*


Natalie: Alright so Simon, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, Edward, Carter and Mena! Where’s Brittany???


Someone from Audience: Who cares?!


Natalie: Now, Now, Lets not get all feisty. But who likes her?


*No one puts their hand up*


Brittany: Yeah, I’m here. Just had to touch up my makeup. You know, the usual. What are we all talking about?




Brittany: Whatever.


*Natalie childishly sticks tongue out at Brittany when she’s not looking*


Kaylin: Boys and Mena and Carter, How is it to be back here in Natalie World?


Liam: We actually don’t remember any of it. Natalie told us backstage that, that is because she like brainwashed us or something.


Natalie: Whaaaat? Pfft no! I-I I just made you lose your memory so my story won’t be affected by this.


Liam: ohhhhh makes sense!


Kaylin: Carter, Mena, What about you?


Carter: Like Liam said, we don’t really remember. I’m just so happy that I’m here! I’ve missed the boys even though it's only been a day without them. I really love it here too!


Natalie: Great! Now to questions from the viewers! We have a lot considering the story is a  lot more popular now!!!


Kaylin: Okay, the questions will be up on the 500 inch tv over there.. Not sure if you can see it or not.




From: 1D_H_L_L_N_Z  

~ Pugh I have a question for Simon! Does he realize how Harry was treating Carter before? Is it different having Carter in the house as well instead as only the boys?


Simon: I don’t know.. How was he treating her? Good I hope?


Harry: Yup!


Carter: *coughs*  


Natalie: And the second question?


Simon: I think Carter gives off a good vibe to the air in the house. She is an incredibly strong person considering her situation and I think the boys adore her.


Harry: *coughs*


From: Karisitay <3

~ Harry: Do you know the person who is sending the creepy texts? Why would you ask about a code name?


Harry: Creepy texts?? I don’t understand..


Natalie: Don’t make the people think the wrong thing Harry. You know how it all ends. *winks*


Harry: *confused stare* Erm okay.. And, I asked because I was trying to find out if she was that girl from Omegle a few weeks back.


Louis: That was Carter?!


Harry: Yeah.. I was trying to be you know, casual about asking it, incase it wasn’t her.


From: Taylor_lynn_

~ Harry: Are you the guy who came up with the codename ‘Hug Me?’ on omegle?


Harry: She suggested the code name and I made it up!


Natalie: Interesting.. Of course I’d know!


From: Abbey<3’s1D

~ Carter: Could you see you and Harry together at all?


Carter: Um..


*looks at Niall*  


Carter: No. Not really.


*Harry looks away*


*Carter looks down*


*A lot of people do movements*


From: ashley_rock15

~ Is anything going to change between Carter and Niall?


Natalie: Niall and Carter are still really good friends! They were never anything in the first place, they still could be something. You’re gonna have to keep reading girly!


*Carter and Niall blush*


*Harry, Liam and Zayn look away*


*Louis doesn’t give a shit because he already has a stunning girlfriend, so he ain’t jelly*


Natalie: This next person has a LOT of questions so yay to her!!


*crowd cheers and screams*


From: 1Direction infection

~ What inspired you to write this story?

~ Harry- Why have you been treating Carter so badly? What has she done to you?

~ Natalie- Why is Carter having those dreams? *scary music*

~ Unicorns or Nutella?

~ Are Harry and Carter going to fall in love?


Natalie: I read a book about a girl who’s parents committed suicide from the way the world was in that so called future. The emotion with her taking in her parents deaths was so overpowering. I wanted to have some sort of emotion like that and have her show how strong she really is. I wanted people to think of Carter as a strong person. I hope people already think that. Let me know everyone! Harry! Your turn!


Harry: *looks at Simon* I don’t know what you’re talking about..


Natalie: Carter is having those dreams for a reason.. Not saying why she is because I can’t give out story plot.  


Kaylin: Unicorns or Nutella? NUTELLA!


Liam: Nutella


Harry: Unicorn


Zayn: Unicorn


Niall: Nutella


Brittany: Ew


Mena: Nutella


Carter: Unicorn


Simon: I’m going to have to go with Unicorn as well!


Natalie: Are Carter and Harry going to fall in love? Sorry love, I can’t say! I assume you’re a Harter shipper so I love you. I love all the shippers in this Hug Me fandom! Yay!


From: Eirill

~ Zayn: Do you like Carter more than a sister/friend?


Zayn: This is embarrassing. I don’t think of her a sister but I am definitely attracted to her.


*Carter and Zayn blush*


From: shawnie64

~ When will we meet Anon?


Natalie: Great question! Now that the Hug Me person is revealed, our next task is to find out about anon. but remember, it took 20 chapters to find out about Hug Me.. Just saying.


From: ChasingTomlinson

~ Carter- Can we be hotdog buddies?  


Carter: OH GOD




Harry: She was drunk




Carter: ahaha but yeah! I’d love to be hot dog buddies with you! Yay!


From: breepryor

~ How did Harry know?


Harry: I had a screenshot of it on my phone. I asked her questions related to it and I sort of figured it out. So yeah!


From: Sereen<3Zayn123

~ Are Carter and Zayn gonna get together? They should.


Natalie: Zarter shipper! Love you! You’re gonna have to wait and see!


From: _rhea_xoxo

~ Is this completed?


Natalie: Good question as well! It is not complete just yet!


From: 1Dlover786

~ Natalie- Is Harry the guy that Carter was talking to in the beginning of the story?

Niall- Why did you kiss Carter???


Natalie: Well, the first part was already answered and Niall you go!


Everyone but Brittany yells: YOU KISSED CARTER?!


*Carter and Niall blushes*


Niall: I don’t know why! It was the right moment! And of course I sort of like her!


*crowd gasps*


Natalie: Oh come on! It was pretty obvious!


From: Mrs.tomlinson0127

~ Is Harry devolving a crush on Carter? If so how does Niall and Carter feel about this?

Harry and Carter- How do you feel about this hug me thing now discovering who this hug me person is?


Natalie: I’m not sure yet! I think I’ll let the characters decide on who they love instead of me! Second question.


Carter: I think it’s totally cool that it was Harry!


Harry: I feel proud of myself that I found who it was!


Natalie: And that is it with the readers questions! Thank you to everyone that took your time to write and comment them! You helped make this awesome interview!


Kaylin: You helped me meet One Direction!


Brittany: Why didn’t I get any questions.


*no one cares*


Kaylin: Oh, That's because you’re a irrelevant little shit.


*Crowd cheers*


Brittany: Whatever




Natalie: Good work


Harry: Yeah *winks*


Niall: *Whispers to Zayn* She’s fearless and fit!


Natalie: So... Kaylin, You have questions?


Kaylin: Ed, What was your first impression of Brittany?


Edward Freakin Sheeran: I knew her from before those two met. She had a reputation to be.. slutty. I thought that when she started to date him, I was sceptical about her at first. After like a month, I started to believe she changed.. Well... Until last night.


*Looks at Harry*


*Harry gets up and leaves*


Ed: I’m sorry, I didn-


Natalie: It's fine. I know since I write the story that he hasn’t fully recovered. He’s hurt and needs to be repaired.


Ed: I should go talk to him.


Natalie: Good idea. Thanks Handsome *blows kiss*


*Ed fakes catching it*


Natalie: Shall we continue on with your questions Kaylin?


Kaylin: Okay! Carter, Of all things... Why a hotdog?


Carter: Ahaha I don’t know what I was thinking. Well actually, I was thinking, I’m drunk and I can’t control what I do. Alcohol is evil. You could say that I'ma lightweight I guess.  


Natalie: Aha I see! Last question!


Kaylin: Alright. Simon, Did you let Harry throw that party?


Simon: Not at all. They are still on punishment. Carter, hows your hangover?


Carter: Brutal


Simon: I bet you’re on a lot of Advil at the moment.


Carter: You have no idea. Migraine galore.


Simon: Although, I know it was Harry who put you up to it, little shit, so we’ll just blame him, yeah?


Carter: Uhh, Sounds good!


Harry: Blame me for what?


Carter: Nothing, nothing at all.


*Audience laughs*


*Harry gives her an unconvinced look*


Natalie: Liam, how it like being back home?


Liam: Great really!


Natalie: Good! I have a surprise for everyone! I am going to show you a Liam’s POV right here, right now! We’re all going to find out about your dirty little secret.


*Liam gives a nervous look*


Natalie: Let’s get into it!



Liam’s POV


2 and a half hours later until I arrived home.


Lets just face it. Travelling isn’t the same when I'm not with the boys.


The cab just pulled up to my house.


I wonder how Harry and Carter is doing. Poor Carter. Niall told me he was worried that he’d be mean to her. But Harry can’t be mean, can he?


When I finally reached the front steps. It finally hits me.


I’m home.


My beautiful mother swings the front door open. Her face in tears.


That's all I see of her. She’s happy for me. I know it. She just misses me.


I drop my bags at my feet and rush up the stairs to hug my mother. I miss her warm embraces she gives.


“My baby! I missed you so much!” She cried.

“I missed you too.” I calmly said. I looked up into the house, the door wide open from my mother and I see 3 girls. 3? I only have 2 sisters... Nicki was sitting on the couch with what looks like a mug of tea, gently sipping it. Ruth was standing with this unknown girl. She was very tall and had slim figure. Her skin was the perfect amount of tan with what it looks like, straightened dark brown hair.


“Mum, it looks like it’s going to rain. Let’s get inside.” I said, guiding her back into the house.


“Liam! You’re back!” Ruth came up to me and gave me a quick hug.


The other girl was standing there in the same spot, taking in the new person in the room. Me. It seems like she knew who I was but didn’t really care.


“How’s my famous baby brother?” Nicki, my oldest sister asked.


“The tour was amazing!” I said. She gave me a big smile. I focused my attention to the only female brunette in the room.


“Oh! Liam, this is Danielle! She’s visiting the area and staying at my friends flat. I just finished giving her a tour of the main places here.” Ruth said. Danielle looked at me again and smiled.


“Nice to meet you Danielle.” I smiled. She just smiled and nodded her head. Said nothing. Oh well.


“i’m a bit tired so I’m gonna go to bed. Night” I said.


“Good night baby,” My mum said. I smiled and went up to bed.



*Next day*


I woke up later than expected, only to find that my family wasn’t there. I did find a note on the kitchen counter saying that my mum was at work and my sisters ended up going out with friends.


I wonder if Danielle is one of those friends they’re hanging out with?


I ponder over to the fridge and try to find something I would like to eat.


We have no food.


As in no food i’m in the mood for.


Kitchen cabinets.




I’m literally not in the mood for anything.


Except starbucks.


I know I know.


I’m not some, What do you call it? Ah, White girl? I don’t even know.


I’m never in the mood for starbucks but today I am.


What? I’ve been eating tour food for ever and Simon is the only person who actually has food for every one of my moods so starbucks is what I want so starbucks is what I’m going to have.


Before leaving the house, I grab my hoodie just in case I encounter some fans.


I’m not used to the fans. I thought maybe a few hundred would like our music, not a few thousand! Holy!


Once I reach starbucks, I order my usual but giving my name as Andy Samuels, my best friend’s name, whom I should meet up with but that little shit is in America right now!


I decide to sit down to wait for my- er Andy’s name.


“Liam? Liam Payne?” A surprisingly beautiful, unique voice said.


wait.. Liam Payne?


Oh god, it’s a fan!


I look away but I can see her sit down across the table from me.


“Morning Starbucks run?” She asks. I just nod my head, hiding my face.


“Liam? Are you alright?” She asks. Why would she ask that? I turn to face her. God, she was even more beautiful up close.




“Danielle?” I asked her.


“Yeah! I met you yesterday. Danielle Peazer.” She smiled. She was.. sweet.


“Yeah, I remember.” I smile, trying not to make it more awkward than it already was.


“Do you remember me from the X Factor?” She asked. What?


“You were there? How far did you make it?” I asked, trying not to sound rude. I thought I knew all the contestants...


“No! I don’t sing. I’m one of the dancers!” She said.


“I remember the dancers, just not you. Weird..” I said.


“I didn’t straighten my hair for it. I have massive puffy curls. They poof out.” She said. OH!

“Oh! I do remember you!” I blushed thinking of it.




We were rehearsing for the live show. There were only about 10 contestants left! ‘m so proud of how far the boys and I have gotten!


We were on our 5 minute break so we were watching the very fit dancers practice for one of the other’s performances.


One caught my eye. She was tall, very fit, she had tan skin and amazing curly hair! It reminded me of noodles. I like noodles.


“You think any of them are fit?” Louis asked Harry behind me.


“That blonde is pretty fit I think.” Harry said, referring to another one of the dancers.


“What about you Li?” Louis asked.


“I fancy that one with the curly hair that is very fit. She dances good as well.” I said, still looking at her.


The dancer all stopped as they ended the song and were probably taking a break.


“LIAM FANCIES THE DANCER WITH THE CURLY HAIR!” Louis screamed. LOUIS?! My eyes went wide and all the dancers, including her were looking at me. I turned around blushing. I could hear giggles behind my back from the dancers. Oh, Louis’ going to get it!




“I also remember what your friend said.” She smiled. OH MY GOD. Be brave Liam!


“It’s true.” I smiled. She giggled at my response. Normally I don’t do good with girls I fancy but I feel like I’m doing good!


“A-are you busy today?” She asked.


“I’ve got nothing planned. Would yo- Do you w-wanna hang out or something?” I asked. She smiled.


“I’d love too.” She said.


“Andy Samuels. You’re coffee is ready.” The guy at the front said.


“Well.. That's me!” I said. She laughed.


“Fake name?” She asked.


“Pretty much.” We both got up and went to get the drink.


“Erm, I’m Andy Samuels..” I said. The guy handed me the drink and I gave him the money.


“Dude.. You’re Liam Payne!” He exclaimed.


“NOPE!” I said and grabbed Danielle’s hand and rushed away before we could get swarmed.


“That was close.. Does it happen lots?” Danielle asked.


“Lately yeah. What do you want to do?”






Audience: AWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Natalie: That was cute Liam.


Liam: Thanks Natalie! We’re not dating or anything but I like her and I hope she’s going to like me. I know it's been a day but she’s the perfect girl for me... I just know it!




Liam: I now forgive you for embarrassing me at the X Factor, because it helped me to her.


Louis: I’m so happy for you! Now you can stop crushing on Carter!


Audience: *GASP*


Louis:... I said that a bit loud didn’t I?...


Liam: Ya think?


Louis: Sorry... But he likes Danielle now soooo... YAY!.... I’ll stop talking now.


Natalie: No, no. Keep talking, this is amusing!


Kaylin: But Natalie? It’s time to end the show!


Natalie: Oh right! I’m sad to say that we will not be interviewing the cast of ‘Hug Me?’ by me anymore...




Natalie:.. Until chapter 33!!!!!! Yayyy! I’ve decided to do an interview every 11 episodes. Random I know. Everything in Natalie World is random!


*audience nods*


Natalie: I’d like to thank Kaylin for helping me make everything possible cause she’s awesome like that. Also, Carter, Harry, Niall, Liam (for letting us show his POV), Louis, Zayn, Mena, Ed, Simon and not Brittany!!!! Yay!


*Audience laughs at Brittany*


Natalie: Just reminding you AGAIN that this will not affect the story as the characters will not even remember coming to Natalie World. Liam’s POV did happen so just keep that in mind for the next chapters! Thanks for coming all of you beautiful people you and have a good night! BYE!


*Rides away on unicorn that poops nutella*









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