Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


20. Chapter 19

(Previously on ‘Hug Me?’)


Carter’s POV


“Harry-” I started but stopped as his body made contact with mine. he simply placed his head on my shoulder, telling me that he just wanted to be silent. I slid my arm around his back and he cuddled more into me. He was broken. I’ve never seen him in this state before. It was just heartbreaking to watch.


There was no cheeky smirks, jokes or just plain talk. He wasn’t Harry. He was different.


I checked my phone for some unread messages but one caught my eye.


From: Blocked Number

~And you thought it was Brittany. Silly silly girl. I'm more of a nightmare -Anon ~


I slid into bed, not wanting tomorrow to come.




Carter’s POV




My head.


What is this?


Then I remember last night.


I am a loser.


Hotdog?! Really?!


So.. This is what a hangover must feel like.


They’re all right. I feel like I got hit by a bus. I sit up and immediately go back down as I get a wave of light headedness which made me feel dizzy and ill. My throat burned from being so dry as I think I’m very dehydrated.


I am NEVER drinking again. God!


After another 20 minutes I finally convinced myself to get my butt out of bed and down stairs for a drink of cold water to calm my burning throat. When I got down to the kitchen, I noticed someone was already up. Harry.


He must feel terrible! Like, he caught his girlfriend cheating on him less than 12 hours ago! I shouldn’t ask about it. I don't want him to get upset over it, or at me.


“Couldn’t sleep?” I asked him. His head of messy curled bounced as he turned his head towards me. His eyes had huge bags under them. I probably didn’t look my finest either. It was a long night.


He just shook his head and looked away.


So we’re back here again? I thought we could have the chance to not hate each other. I decided to ignore it. I went over and poured myself a glass. The cool water slid down my achy throat. After I set my glass down, a sharp pain went through my head. The hangover was getting worse. I rubbed my temples with my hand.


“Hangover’s bad?” A deep, husky, morning sounding voice said. I sort of smiled at the sound of Harry’s voice. Or maybe it was the fact that he wasn’t being a jackass at this point.


I nodded. He slid out of his seat and walked over to open a cupboard. In his hands he took out a container of pills. He took one out and dropped it in my hands.


“That will help with the headache.” He said then walked over to the couch, across the room.


“Thanks.” I said. He didn’t look up. Well... This is awkward.


“Did Ed stay the night?” I asked.


“He left this morning after helping me clean up.” He said. I looked around. The place was spotless. When I went up for bed last night the place was trashed.


“You could have woken me up. I would have helped you kn-” I started.


“Its fine Carter!” Harry snapped. I stood there wide eyed. He have no right to snap at me. Harry looked up and made eye contact with me and let out a sigh.


“Sorry, I thought that it was your first time drinking so.. Erm, you could have been in rough shape.” He mumbled, obvious embarrassed of his caring thought.


“Oh.. Thanks.. I guess.” I said.


“Do you think Simon will be mad about the party?”


“I don’t think he’ll know about it. If he does, it's my fault anyways.” Harry stated.


Just then the phone started to ring.


“Speak of the devil.” Harry said going over to the phone. He put it on speaker phone so I could hear.


“Good morning Simon! Isn’t it a little early over there?” Harry said, referring to the time zone difference.


“I’m still on jet lag.” Simon said. I looked over at the clock. It’s only 11?


“Hi Simon!” I said.


“Carter! How’s Harry treating you?” He said. Harry rolled his eyes.


“He’s fine.” I said laughing looking over to Harry who rolled his eyes yet again.


“So he treated you nice while you both were partying last night?” He said. Shoot..


“Uh..” Was all that I could manage to say.


“What?” Harry asked, pretending to sound confused. Harry.. Simon is far from stupid.


“I wasn’t born yesterday. There were pictures.” He stated.


“I-I was just trying to help her settle in?” Harry said, but in more of a question tone.


“I’m sorry. Don’t be mad!” He added. I’ve never seen this side of Harry before..


“Oh I’m mad alright. But you two are going to make it up to me.” He started.


“Yes! How?” Harry said.


“You both have got hangovers I assume, right?”


“Yeah..” Harry and I said at the same time. Simon chuckled.


“So I assume you both had plans of not going outside today?”


“Well. It would be painful too, with the headache and such.” Harry said.


“Yes. As punishment, I have arranged Carter’s first time exposed in public today. Outside. In the sun.” Simon said. Harry didn’t say anything. He looked pissed.


“Exposed me?” I asked.


“To the public. Wherever Harry goes, the fans and paparazzi are always watching.”


“Ohhhh.” I said.


“What are we doing?” Harry stepped in.


“I have set up a boat by the water. Lou, Tom and their daughter will join you guys. I have set up for people to come to give you guys clothes in about 10 minutes I told them.” Simon said. This is way too much to take in.


“We don’t need clothes! Er.. I mean we don’t need someone to dress us!” Harry awkwardly said.


“Management insisted. This is a VERY important day so please don’t mess this up... I am hanging up now.” Simon said and he did so. I find it funny that he had to tell us that he was hanging up.


“He’s mad?” I asked. I wasn’t sure how mad Simon could get.


“Yeah.. He’s mad. I’m going to go shower.” Hary said leaving me in the room by myself.

We’re going on a boat? Good. Cause I am afraid of boats and I can’t swim. YOU SEE MY DILEMMA?!











~Natalie ;) :* <3

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