Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


16. Chapter 15

(Previously on ‘Hug Me?’)

Niall’s POV


I leaned in again and kissed Carter’s lips gently.


“I have no one,” Carter told me. We stopped at the sound people down stairs. Why the hell are they up so early?


“We should go down there.” She offered. We both started down stairs.


“You will always have me Carter.” I said making her smile yet again.


How am I going to tell her that we’re leaving today?



Carter’s POV


Word cannot explain how I am feeling at the moment.


Niall. He- He kissed me.


My first kiss.


I know, I know. I’m almost 17 and this is my first kiss.


But the thing is, I like Niall but I don’t know if I like him in that way if you know what I mean. I have always been told to lie for the better. This was the better. I told him that I liked him when he told me cause, what else was I supposed to say? No I don’t like you Niall, you should feel like an idiot for kissing me. That would be mean and I’d also be lying. The kiss was.... it was great. It was like I was walking in heaven. Nothing could shoot me down. It was amazing.


I think the best thing to do at the moment would be to forget that happened.


Niall and I walked down stairs, him walking slightly behind me. In the kitchen/living room all the boys sat, including Simon and Nancy. In the corner were suitcases.


Were those there before? Didn’t notice them.


“Morning everyone.” Niall and I sang as we entered the room. All eyes were on us.


I decided to ignore them and get myself a glass of orange juice.


“So what time are you boys heading out today?” Simon asked as I took a sip of my juice. I choked on it as it went down my throat. Again, all eyes were on me.


“Erm, you okay?” Niall asked by my side.


“Yup, sorry.” I said. I could feel my face becoming a shade of red. I get embarrassed very easily.  


“I’m out at 10 this morning.” Liam said.


“Same.” Louis and Zayn said in sync.


“Wait, where are you all going?” I asked setting my cup down.


“We’re leaving to visit our families. They haven’t seen us since before the tour.” Niall stated.


“How long will you all be gone?” I asked.


“A month I think. But I’m only gone for about 3 weeks since mine is the furthest away.” Niall told me. I slowly nodded my head and went over to the couch Harry was at. I sat at the opposite end, leaving a giant gap in the middle between us.


“Nancy, did you make any plans this month?” Simon asked suddenly.


“I am going to America with my son.” She replied.




“What’s wrong Uncle Si?” Liam asked concerned.


“I have no one to look after Carter.” He said. Whaaaa? Look after me? Whaaaa?


“Aren’t you going to be here though?” Zayn asked curious as was I.


“I just got a call that I need to do at least a months worth of business in America. I asked to bring you Carter but they just didn’t allow it. Harry, when are you leaving?” Simon asked. Simon’s leaving me? I just got here.


“Erm,” Harry started, actually looking up from his phone. “My mom and sister are on a vacation right now so I’m visiting them in two weeks I think. I was planning on just chilling here in the meantime.” He said. I don’t like where this is going. Not at all. He’s gonna say it! He’s gonna say it!!


“Can you watch Carter?” Simon asked. Annnnnnnnnd he said it. nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!11


“I’m not legal guardian age...” Harry said.


“No one needs to know. I can get management to check up on you two. I just don’t want Carter to be alone. Please Harry?” Simon begged.


“I’m leaving in two weeks though.” He said back. As I was watching this conversation unfold in front of me, I knew it wouldn’t end up in the direction I wanted. It was Simon’s Direction, One Direction. Ha Ha get it? Harry’s in One Direction. Ha Ha. No ones laughing... fine then, be that way.


“Uhh, Take her with you! i'm sure Gemma and Anne would love to have Carter’s company.” He said. I know Simon is trying to make it sound more fun than it actually will be and I appreciate that but I REALLY don’t want to spend the next month with Harry. Harry looked annoyed.


Harry sighed. “Fine,” was all he said.


“Thanks Harry. Means a lot.” Simon said and walked out of the room. Probably to pack. I finally decided to look up and everyone's eyes were on me, including Harry’s.


“Hi?” I awkwardly said. I don’t like the attention.


“Hello!” Louis yelled. I smiled.


“We’re gonna miss you Carter, I’m going to get packing more things. Louis, come with me! Oh and Harry?” Liam started. Harry shot is head up towards him.


“Be good to Carter, alright?” He asked. I love Liam. He seems to always look out for me.


“Of course I will. i don’t want to upset Simon.” He said. I’m not trying to always complain about him but he said that really fake. He hated the idea of being with me for a month. Well don’t worry Harry, the feelings mutual.


~2-3 hours later~


“Boys! I’ll drive you to the airport!” Simon yelled through his enormous house which Harry and I get to ourselves for the next month. Louis, Liam and Zayn ran to him carrying all their luggage.


“Bye Carter!” Louis said picking me up and twirling me around. I laughed like a dying seal as everyone laughed at probably how ridiculous I looked and sounded. Liam came up and gave me a hug.


“See you soon, babe.” He said. He’s so cute. Zayn gave me a hug too. Simon just stood there awkwardly.


“Carter, I know Harry’s looking after you, but you need to look after him too. You’re more responsible than him.” Simon smirked. I laughed. Funny but true. I spun around to see Harry smiling. Smiling?


“I’ll call you tonight.” Simon said hugging us both.


“Where’s Niall?”


“I’ll call him,” Harry said. “NIALL!!! GET YOUR IRISH ASS DOWN HERE!” He yelled. The next thing you could here is Niall running down the stairs.


“BYEEE GUISEEE!” He screamed. He jumped into all 6 of us, making a giant group hug of 7.


“Are all you set to go?” Simon asked. I chorus of yeses and yups came and they left to go to the airport.


I just stood there, staring at the door they left from. Behind me I could hear Harry clear his throat.


I spun around to see him smirking.


“What?” I asked him.


“Nothing,” He smirked again and grabbed his phone and started to dial numbers.


“What are you doing?” I asked again,


“Just getting ready to throw the best party.”


“What? No you can’t?!” I yelled.

“Oh, but I can. Already in process.” He smirked yet again.





~Natalie ;) <3

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