Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


12. Chapter 11 [Interview (special chapter)]

Natalie (me): Hello everyone!


*crowd screams*


Welcome to the Natalie show where it is all Natalie all the time!!!! Today we have some special guests that we have some questions for! It will be an exciting night so stay tuned!


The guests at the characters of the FanFiction 'Hug Me?' by ME!!!

Those characters include, Carter Mathews, One Direction and a secret special someone!


*paused for clapping*


Just a reminder that whatever these characters say, they will not remember in the story. They won't even remember that they came here because they are going into a memory loss magic machine thinger. Yes, we use magic so they don't remember, because up here in Natalie Land there is fairies, unicorns and magic all the time!


*Ooo's and Ahhh's from audience*


Enough of me talking, here they are! Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Carter!!!!


*Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and. Carter walk on set and sit on bar stools*


Natalie: Hello boys and Carter! Welcome! How are you liking Natalie World?


Liam: It's fascinating!


Louis: Never in my life, have seen anything like it!


Harry: The pictures of you around the place are hot.


*everyone mumbles in agreement*


Natalie: Oh stop it you!


*flips hair*


Natalie: Alright, now for the interview! The fab readers of the story have asked you guys questions about your characters and how they feel towards things!


Zayn: Erm.. Won't that effect the story?


Natalie: Don't worry. You won't remember a thing.


*evil grin*


Natalie: Okay! First question!


*Question appears on giant 100 inch tv screen*


by Kourtenymarie!~

Are all the boys single except Harry or who is dating who?


Louis: It's me and Harry who have girlfriends. I'm dating Eleanor Calder and Harry is dating Brittany.


Harry: Yes..


Natalie: Okay! Eleanor is coming into the story soon just so everyone knows! Lou, you excited?


Louis: Very. I just hope the author gives us romantic parts you know. Cough hint cough.


Natalie: Yes Lou, I will make sure there is some just for you.




by xo.MK~

For Carter: Which boy do you like the most, personality wise/ look wise?

     Natalie: Who do you like the most??


Carter: Oh... Tuffy... Not going to lie, but I think they are all very good looking so I can’t choose for look wise.


Louis: Clearly it's me and she just doesn’t want to admit it.


Carter: Yeah that's it...


Natalie: What about personality wise?


Carter: Easy.. Niall.


by Harry’s Hipster Boo~



Natalie: Language please! Ah fuck it. Who cares? And I’m glad you liked the chapter!


Liam: You gonna answer the question or?


Carter: Yeah! Can we know please?! It's creepy, they might rape me or something!


Natalie: What makes you think that?


*Carter pulls out phone*


Carter: It says, ‘I know where you are and I WILL find you’


Natalie: Yeah.. They probably will.


Carter: So can I know so I can stay away?!


Natalie: Now, wheres the fun in that?


Carter: Bu-


Natalie: Okay, next question!


*Carter sighs*


by Shawnie64~

For Harry: Are you sure your girlfriend only likes you? Does she work at a 24 hour cafe?


Harry: Of course she likes me! And I don’t know where she works! Erm, I think like a clothing store.


by Kristen_1D_Forever~

For Carter: Do you consider the boys your brothers?


Carter: Most of them. It’s been only a day but they are really good at making me feel at home.


Natalie: Are they ALL like that?


*Carter looks at Harry*


Carter: Most of them.


Natalie: Okie


by angie123onedirection~

For Harry: What is the most pervertest thing you’ve ever done?



*Harry smirks*


Harry: Well. The one time, I was dared to go sleep with my friends mom.


Natalie: Well did you?!


Harry: Well, I kinda chickened out so I just went into her bed with her when she was sleeping so erm she didn’t know about it.


Louis: Cheeky *winks*


Natalie: Next there are two questions from a girl named Kaylin in the audience.


Liam: Helllllooooo Kaylin!


Kaylin: Hi guys!


*Niall wriggles eyebrows at Harry*


Kaylin: Harry? how did you meet Brittany?


Harry: We were both drunk and we met in bed in the morning...


Kaylin: Oh..... next question. Carter, if you had the chance to meet the boys a different way, would you?


Carter: Maybe without all the yelling but otherwise no. There would be no other way I’d meet them.


Kaylin: Okay! Thanks! I’m so glad I met you guys! Life complete!!!!!


by Alex.Browning~

For Niall: Who would you most like to take out on a date out of Carter, Demi or your ex.


Niall: Well, not my ex because there is a reason she’s my ex. Demi is great but she doesn’t want to date anyone at the moment. But to be completely honest, I’d date either one.


by Bristyles1221~

For Harry: What are your feelings toward Carter and why are you so rude to her? Also I would like to know, Are you rude to her because you want to be more than just friends?


Harry: I’m not being rude. She just makes it sound like that. I just don’t particularly like her.. I do not want to be more than just friends because I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!


Natalie: Calmer Downers there bud. By the way. Nice face.


Harry: You too babe


*Natalie blushes*


by megan.t~

For Carter: Who has the nicest ass out of the boys?? :P


Carter: *laughs* Um. Louis.


Louis: It was just a given


Natalie: Okay! Next question!


by Cms12~

Ask the characters how they feel towards everyone else and why


Natalie: Okay characters! I don’t know if you all know but my readers ship you Carter with these guys!


Carter: What?! With who?!


Natalie: Well... I’m just going to give you an example


*showed on screen*


~Bree~loves~one~direction: she should be with Niall, omg !! They would be so cute !!~


~Hannahhope: Ahhh! Harry NEEDS to fall in love with her!!~


*Niall blushes and Harry laughes*


Natalie: Even you too Zayn! They clearly want a Zarter, Ciall and Harter.


Carter: That's so weird..


Natalie: Just answer the damn question! How do you guys feel about each other?!


Zayn: We all are like brothers but I don’t know how Carter feels about us.


Natalie: Would you like to answer Carter?


Carter: Yes. Um, We all know how I feel about Harry *shoots Harry a look* but I’m closest with Niall obviously and the rest are really great and I couldn’t ask for better friends.


Natalie: But don’t you think the vibe between you and Harry is a little.. how do I put this.. It brings people down because they want Harry to be sweet.


Harry: I am sweet


Natalie: Ya, I love you and all but you’re a dick.


Harry: Um, Thanks?


Natalie: You’re welcome gorgeous *winks* The last five questions are by me! Niall, How do you truly feel towards Carter?


Niall: She’s cool. *leans in and whispers so Carter can’t here* I may have a tiny crush on her though.


Natalie: I see. Thanks for answering honestly cutie *blows kiss* Okayyyy! Zayn! What da hell are you so quiet?!


Zayn: Erm, I haven’t got any questions yet? And in the story, you haven’t given me very many lines yet sooooo. Not my fault.


Natalie: Okay sweet cheeks, I’ll give you more parts! *looks at question sheet* Liam, why do you want a girlfriend so bad?


Liam: Is it that obvious?! Well I’m just jealous of Louis and his girlfriend and I just want one?


Natalie: Just so you know Liam *whispers* I’m available.




Natalie: Louis, the next one is for you! What do you think is Eleanor's role going to be in the story?


Louis: She is going to be the really supporting big sister to Carter.


Natalie: Okay! Thanks to everyone that has asked questions and now we are going to be revealing the girl next door!!!




Natalie: Her name is Mena!!! Come on out Mena!


Mena: Hello! My name is Mena!


Natalie: Tell us about you hun!


Mena: Well, I have brown hair, brown eyes, I'm funny, unique, crazy sometimes, nice, weird, I like drawing, and I love to SING, I like soccer, football, and all kinds of sports, I'm athletic, my favorite color is blue, I am kinda short. My hair goes all the way to halfway of my back, I'm geeky, fun, I like to shop, I love beanies, and hats! is that enough?


Natalie: That was great!


Carter: So, I suppose I’ll met you later then?


Natalie: Yup! But remember Mena, You will not remember this interview as it will NOT affect the story in any way.


Mena: Yes! I am aware.


Louis: Good to meet you Mena!


Zayn: I’m sure we’ll see each other again.


Natalie: You will. Don’t worry. Mena? What does your dad do for you guys to afford to live in a wealthy neighborhood like Simon’s?


Mena: My dad is a manager for artists whether they’re singers or actors! I don’t get involved with all of it though.


Natalie: Thank you Mena, Carter and One Direction for being here today on the Natalie Show! We will meet again if you and the readers want!

Everyone: BYE!!!!!!!!



I do NOT mean to be cocky because of my cocky behavior in this. I just needed it to be interesting :) ya know.




~Natalie ;) <3


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