Hug Me?

Carter hasn't had a full life with things she wanted.

She got used to it.

Her likes are reading fan fictions and occasionally going on Omegle.

When she finds someone on Omegle that only lived 10 minutes away from here which is rare.

They planned to meet up sometime but Carter forgot all about that when she finds out that her parents die in a car crash.

She doesn't know what to do so she runs, she runs into the centre of London.

Cold and alone, a man finds her. A man not only other than Simon Cowell who is involved with a particular boy and named One Direction.

A story of Drama, Hate, Love and Life.

Follow Carter on her life story.

Yeah the summary is sucky but please please read the story and follow it!

I promise you will like it! Feel free to add input on what YOU think should happen in the comments!


2. Chapter 1

~*Chapter 1*~

I go on Omegle sometimes because I’m lonely. I never go on video chat because all you get is grody things. It’s disgusting. I’m lonely because I’m an only child. I don’t mind being an only child though, because I get all the attention from my parents but I don’t have the one person too talk too.

I’m not popular. I don’t have many friends. Siblings do sound fun but there are those times where I just want to be left alone.

Omegle. Omegle is my perfect sibling. It keeps me company. When I always get people from America, and other countries and some apparently from Narnia. I’ve never gotten anyone from close to me except the one I just got off with. I’m going to call him hugs because of our little deal.

As I make my way downstairs, I admire the room. My mother is a designer and designed the room too look old but new. But it’s all we could afford.

The floor is hardwood, made of oak, with a dining room table two shades darker, The table is a weird oval shape with four chairs around it.

My mother made a feast tonight in honor of my parents being engaged for sixteen years. They got married 6 months later.

Mashed potatoes, my favourite. roast beef with gravy and warm buttermilk crisp buns. I take my seat in the usual spot and wait for my parents. When they were seated we started.

My family never did grace because we don’t have a religion. We still believe in things but there are too many religions out there that we don’t want to offend in any way.

“Carter? Why are you wearing your good clothes for company?”

“We’re having a nice dinner?” I asked. My mom doesn’t like me wearing out my good clothes because I only have two pairs. My aunt bought me this outfit for christmas last year.

“But there is no company over. Put your regular clothes on.” She said. We live in a two bedroom house and it’s not even a big one. There is one bathroom, no living room. We don’t have tv. We just use computers.

“I don’t feel like moving.” I whined.

“Well, as long as you don’t get it dirty.” She said.



But there is such thing as a washing machine.

“Okay.” I said all sweet.

“Hun? Tonight your father and I are going to a movie that starts at 20:00. It’s a Friday night so you can stay up till 22:00. You're alright by yourself?”

“Yeah, Mom, I’m sixteen and a half! I’m okay for 2 and a half hours!” I said. She’s my momma and I love her and everything but she really ticks me off sometimes.

“Slow your tone.” My dad said.

I didn’t answer. I quickly finished up and go to my room.

So my parents get too go out too a movie.

While I’m stuck here.

Bored as fuck.


“Carter! We’re leaving.” My mom called. Yet again I didn't answer. Anger issues? Naw! Say it again and I punch you in the fucking face! Just kidding!

I basically spent my time on tumblr. I love that shit everyone posts. Good shit.

I was being a rebel and stayed up till 21:00. The rents weren’t back yet... hmm. The movie must have been longer than expected, So I decided to go to bed seeing them the next morning.


Thanks for reading! it gets WAY better after this!

The boys come in a little bit so hold back the fangirl feels until then :)


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