For the first time

Hi I'm Jess Payne, yes you heard me Payne I'm Liam's younger sister I'm 17. Liam's never told the boys about me, strange huh well know I know why ...


1. Missing Liam

Jess p.o.v
So Liam's in some big boY band that's now spread around the world and he has thousands of pounds and yet I've never met the boys they've been an band for just about two years and iv never met anyone of them strange right. But to be honest I think Liam's trying to keep me a secret keep me hidden from all the media and getting hurt by any of the boys because iv been hurt to many times. He's just being a brother right . But with him being so famous I miss him an I think mom does too. I think it's hard for her to get a grip around me turning 18 in 3 weeks liam going all around the world and dad, well he's no longer with us. I'd rather not talk about it but I have to sometimes. But anyway Liam's coming home in a week to spend 4 weeks at home because mom had a break down im so exited to see him it feels like forever since the last time we spoke . Well it was a long time ago sonce I broke my phone on a fight at school so yeah it should be good. Role on next week.

Liam's p.o.v
So next week I get to see Jess. It's been so long since the last time we spoke and she dosent seam to answer my text so I wonder if she's ok . But anyway she's going to be turning 18 in 3 weeks so I'm going to go spend some time there. Moms recently move to a bigger house due to jess'es clothes and moms big fancy furniture so ill be going to stay there for 4 weeks. For the first week it's just going to be me Jess and mom but the last 3 weeks I thought it was about time er and the boys met up. This could either go amazing and they could all get along or it could go terribly wrong ...
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