My teacher - forbidden

Sophia is a sixteen year old girl. She is kind of careless, until she meets her new teacher at her new school. He is 24 years old, and really handsome. He is very good looking, and every girl fantasies about him, but not Sophia.. But.. What will happend when they get closer to each other?



I walked to school alone the next day, and lucky for me, we had no english classes. Though Toby were still on the school. I gave him my number last night, btw. He told me that he really liked me, and after what I had told him, he already cared for me, and even though what would happend, he would hurt me. A little too much, if you think that we had only known eachother for a day. Hahaha I don't know. I felt grossed out by myself, but I liked him. He was so mature. After school, Ariana asked if I wanted to go to the mall with her. Of course. So we did.



"Is this pretty?" Ariana asked, and pulled out an ugly sweater. "No.." I said. She looked sad at me. "I can never find something pretty!" She complained. I pulled out a t-shirt. "This one is awesome. It would fit you." I said and smiled. She went in the fitting room and tried it, while I spotted Toby kissing and grabbing another girls butt, at the other end of the store. I raised my eyebrow. Then Ariana came out of the fitting room. "I'm getting this." I didn't listen to her. "Is that Toby?" She said. I notted. I went over to him. "Hey Mr. Peterson and his girlfriend." I said and looked mean at Toby. "Bye." I said and went back to Ariana. Toby stared at me, and whispered "sorry." I just pulled the finger at him, and went along with Ariana. Afterwards Ariana left me again to go to Abercrombie. I hate that store. She went in, as I waited outside. And Toby was walking towards me, and I turned my back. He took his hand on my shoulder, but I took it of again. "Look, I don't want to be a fucking whore, who sleeps with other girl's boyfriends, get that?" I said, and rolled my eyes at him. "I like you, she's my cover. I can't just break up with her for no reason." I looked at him. "Please, you said that you would never hurt me. Guess you did." I said, as I walked in to Abercrombie to find Ariana.

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