My teacher - forbidden

Sophia is a sixteen year old girl. She is kind of careless, until she meets her new teacher at her new school. He is 24 years old, and really handsome. He is very good looking, and every girl fantasies about him, but not Sophia.. But.. What will happend when they get closer to each other?


1. New girl

I woke up at seven a.m. I looked at the clock. "Oh fuck.." I said to myself. I was going to be "New girl". But I'm not going to change for anyone. The door opens, as my annoying little brother comes in and sings and screams. "SOPHIA WAKE UP! HAHAH YOU'RE SO UGLY!" He screams. "GET OUT, LITTLE BRAT." I scream, as I throw a pillow at him. He ran out again, as I wished he would. I laid in my bed for 10 minutes, and then went up and picked out clothes. High wasted shorts, and a loose white v-neck t-shirt that where kind of see through, so you could see my bra. It wasn't that slutty as it sounds ;) And then a pair of worn out black converse, that I studded myself. And I wore my basic black bagpack. I had just moved here from North Carolina. Now I'm in L.A. We moved from my dad. My dad was abusive, and an alcoholic. So we had to move as far as we could. My mom called me, from the other side of our new apartment. "Sophia, are you ready? We're leaving in five!" She called me. But I was all ready. I had my curls, and my mascara on. I was ready. I hoped the girls at the school wasn't bitches, and the teachers wasn't old and gross! I ran down to my mom. "Oh good, you're ready!" She said and smiled. "Whatever." I answered, and went out to our car. My brother sat beside me. "Sophia you look like a whore." He said and laughed. "Shut up, you freak. You look like an idiotic monkey." I screamed and took my beats headphones on, and listened to loud music, so I could ignore my mom bitching on me, for screaming at my brother. 


I got out of our car, as soon as we arrived. "Have a nice day Sophia." My mom yelled. "Oh, yeah, cause it's so fun being the new girl!" I said in ironic and walked up to my new school. My old friend called me. "Hi Anna. How's it going?" I asked as I kept walking to our new school. "That doesn't matter. But how's your new school? Bitchy?" She asked. Everyone stared at me, and whispered. "Yeah, there's alot of bitches whispering about me. Fake nails, and all." I said loudly, as every one looked at me like "Oh no she didn't"-ish. "Omg Sophia, I feel so sorry for you." Anna said. I spotted a girl walking up to me. "See you Anna, somebody is walking up to me." I hung up. "Hi, new girl." The girl said and smiled. "I'm Ariana." She said. I looked at her. "I'm Sophia.." I answered. "So, you don't look bitchy at all." She said. I laughed. "Yeah, you too." We bonded fast, and kept talking and found out that we had english together. "The english teacher is really hot." She told me. "Sound good." I answered and smiled. Everyone looked at us. "Don't worry about those bitches. Their life depends on gossip." She said. "I can tell." I answered back. We went to our class and sat together as the new teacher walked in, as every girl nearly fainted. And I just laughed. "Look at them...." I whispered to Ariana, as we laughed together. "Can I help you?" The teacher asked me. "No." I answered. He looked at me. "Hey you're new! I'm mr. Peterson." He said. "Yeah okay.." I said. "And you're?" He asked. "Sophia." I said. He smiled at me. Then another girl raised her hand. "Mr. Peterson? Are you single?" She giggled. He looked weird at her. "Yes." He said. "Lol..." I said to myself. "Excuse me?" He asked me. "Isn't that private?" I asked. "Yes it is. But I am open for my students." I looked at him. "Oh, or do you just want every girl to adore you even more, because you're single? Isn't that really wrong?" I asked him, and looked weird at him. "Sophia, if anyone want's attention it's you. And you know what rhymes? You've got detention." He said, as everyone laughed. "Shit." I said to myself, and shut up. Rest of the class, so akward, same for the hole day.. But then it was time for detention with Mr. Peterson. Fuck.



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