My teacher - forbidden

Sophia is a sixteen year old girl. She is kind of careless, until she meets her new teacher at her new school. He is 24 years old, and really handsome. He is very good looking, and every girl fantasies about him, but not Sophia.. But.. What will happend when they get closer to each other?


2. Mr. Peterson






I walked into detention. I was the only one. "You're late." He said. "You have to help me with something." I looked at him. "Yeah, cause I owe you so big, because you totally helped me on my first day, with detention." I sighed. "What is it?" I asked him. "You have to clean the draws on my desk." He asked and smiled in a selfish way. "Okay." I smiled at him, in attempt to get a better schoolyear start. "I know what you're doing." He said. "You're attempting to get a better grade, huh?" He said. "Shit." I answered, as he laughed. I walked to him, showing him some papers. "Keeper?" I asked. "Hmm. No!" I countinued. "Keeper?" He laughed. "Just give me them, I'll throw them out." He said, and smiled. "Why are you so nice to me?" I asked him. "Everyone deserves a chance." He said. I went to the trash, as I dropped all of the papers. "Oh fuck." I said, and sat down on the floor, and Mr. Peterson walked towards me, and helped me. "Thanks Mr. Peterson." I said. He smiled. "Call me Toby." He said. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. Our eyes kept contact, and I felt the magic in the air. And he looked back to the floor. Back to reality.. I kept collecting the papers on the floor, as we reached for the same paper, as our hand touched. He looked up at me, and and leaned closer to him. We didn't remove our hands. He removed the hand again. Back to reality, again. "Are you hungry?" He asked me. "Starving." I said. "I could pick up some chinese?" He said. "Sounds good." I answered. He took his car, and drove to a chinese resturant. Is that a normal detention? I don't think so..


I kept organizing the papers, as he walked in on me singing. "Sounds good!" He said, with some China boxes in his hands. "Hi.." I said. "How much do I owe you?" I asked. He looked weird at me. "The food?" I asked. "Oh, my treat.." I smiled. "Is this a normal detention?" I asked. "Hmm. Yes, sometimes I bring pizza." He laughs. "Lol, no." He said. "Can we eat?" I asked. He notted. I went to his desk, with a chair. "Where are you from?" He asked. "North Carolina." I answered. "Why move?" He asked... "Long story." I said. "I have time." He said. "Not enough." I said and smiled. "I don't want pitty." He looked serious on me. "Something bad?" He asked. "Hmm... Yea. But how about you?" I asked. He told me alot about him self. We kept talking and talking, and forgot about cleaning. I did tell him why I moved, as he took my hand. "You're safe here, Sophia. And if you need a shoulder to cry on, you can always contact me." He gave me his number. It was weird, sweet, cute, and wrong at the same time. "You do know that you're my teacher, huh?" I asked.. "Yes, unfortunately." He said. I looked weird at him. "Unfortunately?" I asked. He smiled at me. "Yeah, cause when I'm just talking to you, it feels so wrong." He said. "Yeah ..." I answered. "I must go.." I said. I stood up, and looked at him. Then I went ahead and hugged him. "Thank you, Toby." I said. As he threw his hands around me, and accendently kissed me on my forehead. I looked at him. "What was that for?" I said. "You." He answered. Our eyecontact kept on being there, as we leaned closer to each other. I took my hand and touched his cheek. "Toby..." He stopped me with a kiss. I kissed with him. Our tongues "danced". I let go of his cheeks, and swung my arms around his neck. I pushed him into the walls, and countinued. I couldn't stop. It was the best kiss I had ever had. I guess it was because he knew what he was doing. I stopped. "The door." I said. I went to the door, and looked it. Then I went back again. I kissed him again, even more this time. He began taking my shirt of, and I took his off. Then he took his pants of, and mine too. We were kissing in our underwear only. I jumped up, and threw my legs around his waist. We kept going. He had his hands under my butt, so he didn't drop me. Then he stopped kissing me... "Sophia, I don't want to take your viginity." He said. I looked weird at him. "I'm not a virgin?" He looked weird at me. "Wait, what?" Then I removed my legs from his body, and moved them to the ground again. "Why are you so surprised?" I asked him. "You're so young. How many times have you done it?" He asked me. "More than once. I had a boyfriend." I answered. He walked towards me, and started kissing me again. Then we did it. No more details .......

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