Meeting Primrose

A chapter reflecting The Hunger Games' little angel, Primrose Everdeen, in the point of view of her best friend, Angelica.


1. Saving Primrose

She's always been my best friend. Primrose Everdeen... she's loyal, beautiful and so precious. We both live in District 12, in Panem. I've known the Everdeen's pretty much all my life and they've taken me under their wing. I was there when it happened. "Primrose Everdeen," screeched the lady. I distinctly remember Primrose screaming because we both knew what lay in store at the Hunger Games. Then you could hear Katniss. Katniss has been like a big sister to me. She hugged Prim and she volunteered. Primrose was safe but Katniss wasn't. From that day forth, we'd been scared - scared of losing what was most important to us. All in a silly competition - the Hunger Games.

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