Lucky Love


2. The Boys

Zayn POV
I Get To The Hotel Thinking About The Girl I hung Out Wi-... Classic Zayn , Just Classic I Didn't Get Her Name Maybe I Should Text And Ask Her,Or Maybe I Should Ask Her When I Pick Her Up And We Could Laugh About It. Yeah There We go !! Man She Was So Beautiful I Want To Sing 'Stole My Heart' To Her On The Next Date

Charley POV
Omc, Can Believe I Kissed Zayn TWICE!! Whoa good Thing I Didn't FanGirl On Him.... And He Dosent Even Know My Name Haha I Should Text Him, Maybe Tease Him About It.

Y: Hey This Is Charley, I Was You With Earlier :) I Realized You Didn't Get My Name!

Z: Hey, I Guess You Were Reading My Mind . Im Picking You Up Tomorrow To Meet The Boys;) xxx

Y: Okay, Were Are We Going? :)

Z: We're Going Swimming. Look Hot ;)

Y: I'll Try, Bye :)
Z: Bye Love ;)

•••The Next Morning•••
I Wake Up To A Text From Zayn
I Say"Slide To Unlock" In A Cowboy Voice Cause of Borden
"Hey, I'm Picking You Up At 1:00 Be Ready :) xxxZayn" It's 10 So I Have A Lot Of Time To Get Ready. You Run I Your Moms Room To Tell Her You leaving With Zayn.
you Jump On Her Bed And Hug Her, You Guys Are Really Close
M: Who's The Boy.?
Y: Omc, How'd You Know?
M: i Know You. But Who Is It!?
M: The Band You Never Stop Talking About?
Y: I Gave Him My Number At The Signing And I Guess He Wants To Go Swimming Today !
M: Well, If I Were You And He Was Your Dad . We Would Ha-
Y: NO, Mom Stop Your Old.haha
M: I'm Only 36
You Run Back To Your Room And Pick Out Your Teal Fringe Bikini And Put Your Niall Flowy Tank Top Over , Denim Short And White Toms to Match You Thought It Was Cute.
It's 12 And Zayn Is Out Side Waiting You look Out The Window Grab Your Bag And Phone And Run Down Stairs And Say Bye To Your Mom. You Walk To Zayn's Car And Harry Was Sitting InnThe Passenger Seat.

Harry POV
WHOA! She's Hot! Man I Wish I Got Her Number! I Seen Her At The Signing But She Was Arguing With Another Girl Cause She Was Getting Rushed. Shes The One That Called Niall Adorable He Couldn't Stop Talking About Her He's Mad Cause He Didn't Get To Her First, I See Why! I'm Gonna Get Out The Car And Move To The Back To Get A Full View!!!

You Catch Harry Staring At You Then You See You Mom Leave For Work So You Get The Key From Her Then Go Back To Zayn's Car Kiss His Cheek And Drive Away
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