Lucky Love


3. The Boys (Part 2)

Charley POV
During The Car Ride To The Pool Zayn Called The Rest Of Boys And Told Them To Meet Us There , Then All Of A Sudden I Here Harry Humming 'I Wish' From The Back Seat. It's Was Pretty Awkward.
We Get To The Pool And I See The Boys And Eleanor Already Swimming.

You Harry And Zayn Put Your Stuff Down And Take Off You Top And Shorts And Harry, Liam ,Niall And Zayn Just Stare At You.
"You Never Seen A Girl Before?"
"We've Seen Girls , But Not A Body Like That Wow!" Niall Says, You Blush A Little.

Niall POV
Is That Her. The One I Cant Stop Talking About? wow! She Beautiful, I Hope She Likes To Eat..Those Donuts She Gave Me Were Good! I Wish Zayn Hadn't Got To Her. I Was Gonna Ask For Her Number But He Beat. Good Thing Their Not Dating!

You Tan A Bit , When Liam Comes Over And Drys Off His Hair Then You Hear Him Say "Wow Your Pretty," I look At Him And He Winks At Me , "Why Don't You Get In The Pool?" He Says again "I Was Just About To Jump In ". you Stand Up And Walk Towards The Pool And Next thing You know It . Liam Picks You Up And Jumps The Pool Holding You Bridal Style No One Was Really Paying Attention So He kissed Your Cheek. You Smile At Him And He Smiles Back At You.

Charley POV
Wow This Is Pretty Cool To Have The Boys All over Me Except Louis. Him And Eleanor Are Cute. But Then Again That Kiss From Zayn Was Great , But That Kiss From Liam Was Amazing,And the Way Niall And Harry Look At Me .
I Feel Super Lucky!
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