Lucky Love


7. Daddy's Back

You Wake And Liam And El Is Watching And Lou Is Still Asleep. You Get A Phone Call From Your Mom You Answer It.  
M-"Happy Almost Birthday" 
C-"Mom, My Birthday Not Till Tomorrow!"
M-"I Know But Your Dad Is Coming Tonight, As An Early Present." 
C-"Really! Can I bring My Friends Over Later"you Say 
M-"Yeah, Hey I Got Go To Work Call You Later" 
C-"okay, Bye mom".

You And Up And See That Your Phone Is Dying So You Connect It To the Charger! 
"So Your Birthdays Tomorrow?" Lou Says Finally Awake "You Guys Want To Come?!" You Ask "Yeah, How Older Are You Gonna Be?" Liam Ask "18!" you Say . Eleanor Was On Her Phone The Whole Time .

Eleanor POV 
So Charley's birthday is tomorrow . Im gonna text the boys tell the to go to the mall and get her something And Tell them her Size And What She Likes. "Why Don't We Go To The Mall" I Suggest " yeah. Sounds Like Some Cool Chiz" charley Says .

Charley POV 
I Walk In The Bathroom And Put On This Cute Patterned Dress Feathered Earrings And Sandals. I Leave My Hair Wavy Since My Hair Is Already Straightened I Walk Out And Grab My Leather Bag And Walk Out To The Lounge . You See That Everyone Is Ready And We Leave .

We Get To The Mall And Met The Guys In The Food Court Of Course Niall's Idea You Guys Split Up. You And Eleanor , Then All The Boys . You And El Try On Clothes And Go For Frozen Yogurt (Mmmm. My Favorite). The after 2 Hours In The Mall. You Meet Up With The Guys With At Least 2 Back Each. You Look Curious "You Guys Love To Shop ! " You Laugh "Yeah, Shopping !" The Say Suspiciously. You Guy Go Back To Lou's Place To Get your Stuff And Liam Takes You Home So You Can See Your Dad. While Driving You And Liam Started Talking "I Want ...To Meet Your Dad" He Hesitates "Why Not We've Been Dating For A Few Days " You Smile"Do You Think He'll Like me?" He Asks "Why Not, Your A Great Guys Your Adorable And most Guys Never Meet My Dad" You Say "Good, I Just Don't Want Your Dad To Hate Me" He sighs Of Relief.
You Get To Your House And You See Your Dads Car In the Drive Way And You Smile So Big Liam Just Kisses You Cheek . You Grab You Stuff From The Back And Walk In With Liam . "Mom I'm Home . I Brought A Friend!" You Yell. Your Dad Walks Out. And Run To Him And Give The Best Hug. You Haven't Seen In 8 Months And He's Never Been Back In Time For Your Birthday!
"Dad, This Is Liam... My Boyfriend!" you Say Still Smiling 
He Shakes His Hand And Says .....

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