Lucky Love


6. Cuddle buddies

Charley POV 
I Wake Up To knocking On The Door. But I See That Liam's Arms Are Around Me , He's So Warm And Comfortable ,I Don't Want To get Up So I Just Cuddle Up With Him More And I See Lou Get Up And Walk To The Door And Say "Your So Lazy" He Joke. "I'm Too Comfy To Get Up " I Laughed And Closed My Eyes. You Then Heard The Boys Walk In.

"I See Charley Jumped Off The Zayn Train And Went To Payne Airlines.!" Harry Smirked. Zayn Punched His Arm "Hey, She Probably Needed A Cuddle Buddy Since I Wasn't There" Zayn Said In Defense "Oh, He's A Cuddle Buddy Alright" Lou Say Continuing To Joke The Liam Wakes And You Pretend To Wake Up. "Hey , Guys Whats Up?" Liam Says With His Arms Around You Still But Not Caring that Zayn's There. Zayn Looks Pretty Mad But He Brushes It Off.

Liam POV
I Wake Up With Charley Cuddling With Me . She's Just Adorable I Don't Want To Let Her Go. I Know Zayn , Harry And Niall Like Her But I Do To. "Your So Cute" Charley Whispered "Your So Adorable" I Whispered Back, Then I See Zayn Looking Pretty jealous .
Ehh, I Don't Care.

Zayn POV
Really? She's Flirting With Him In Front Of Me& Cuddling With Him  .
That Should be Me. It's Like She Doesn't Even Like, I Don't Blame her . I'm Not Showing Her That I Like Her Enough. I'm Gonna Try Better!

You And Eleanor Get Up And Walk To Her Room To Get Dressed But You Don't Have Extra Clothes So you Ask Her To Take You Home And Get Some Clothes Liam And Zayn Wanted To Come . you Didn't Mind . your Grab Your Stuff And Get In Zayn's Car Since He Knew Where You Lived . You Got To Your House And You Mom Is Home She Sitting Down On The Couch You Guys Walk Up Stairs To You Room When Your Mom Yells "Your Dads Comming Back this Friday For You Birthday" He Was On An business Trip. You Never really Knew Where He Worked . You Were Just Happy With Your Life. Good Thing Your Birthdays 2 Days You Couldn't Wait...
You Guys Get To Your Room And You See Liam Admiring Your Wall. With Your Sports Awards From VolleyBall,Track,Fastpicth, And Lots From Soccer. You get your School Soccer Sweat Shirt And Some Jeans  and Shower in Your bathroom . After You Change You Leave It Down, And Put A Little Make Up On. Put Your Black Vans On And Walk Out And Grab Night Bag ,iPhone And Charger Since El Wanted You To Stay The Night at Her place With Lou And Liam Again . You Guys Get In The Car To Leave You Sit In The Front Next To Zayn And El An Liam In The Back, It Was Awkwardly Quiet So You Turned Of The Radio And "Glad You Came " Was On And You And El Started Singing.

Eleanor POV
As The Song Was Playing Charley Turned The Music Up Louder Than Liam Started Talking to Me 

L"I Want Do Ask Charley On A Date . But I'm Afraid She Might Reject Me!"

E"Ask Her Tonight, Bring Extra Clothes And Have Lou Pick You Bring you Over , He's Already At The Flat"

L" Great Thanks ! But Where Should I Take Her?"

E" Take Her To The New Restaurant We Were Talking About Last Week"

Liam POV 
We Pull Up To El's Place , I Move To The Front Seat So I Have An Excuse To Hug Her . She Pulls Away Gives Me a Peck On The Cheek " See You Later!" I Got In The Car I And It Was Pretty Quiet So I Just Texted Charley The Say There. We Got There And I Ran To Mine And Harry's Room. And As I Pack My Clothes Harry Walks In "Where You Going Snapping Turtle?" He Jokes " To Lou's Charley's Staying The night Again!!" I Run Out As Soon As Lou's Gets Ready To Walk Out.

You And Eleanor Get In Your Pjs She Wears Her Cloud 9 Top And Shorts With Tan Uggs And You Wear A Blue Long Sleeve And Blue Plaid Shorts With Your Duck Boots .
As You Get Snacks Out Of The Kitchen From El's Stash Lou And Liam Walks In You Catch Him Staring At You. So You Just Wink At Him And Walk To The lounge With A Box Of Donuts "Charls!!!" Lou Yells And Jumps On You "Hey, Lou!!! " You Yell As Putting The Donuts On The Floor.He Tickles You And You Laugh So Hard You Snort! "Aww! My Little Piglet Snorts!" He Jokes "So What Movie Are We Watching Tonight?" You Ask Still Laughing "Toy Story"
Liam Shouts Running Over To Sit By You ."You Always Want To Watch That. What Do You Want To Watch Charls" El Says "Well,I Do Want To Watch Toy Story! It's Pretty Much My Favorite" You Say As Liam Hugs You Tight And Smiles . Liam Gets Up To Get In Is basketball Shorts And A V Neck, You Get Up To Get A Blanket For You And Liam . As I you walk In The Walk In The Guest Room To Grab One Liam Walks In "Hey, I Have A Question" He Says Shyly "I Have A Answer!" You Smile also Grabbing A Blanket For Lou And Eleanor "Do You Want To Go Some Where Tomorrow? just Me And You" He Says Still Shy "Yes, I Will Go On A Date With You!" You Smile Again , He Walks Up And Give you The Best Hug You Can Ever imagine He Slightly Pulls Aways And Kisses You And The Lips. Then You Pull Away "Let's Go Cuddle Buddy" You Say He Laughs In The Cutest Way.
You Walk Back Into The Lounge And Throw The Blanket At Lou "Watch The Face Girl" He Jokes "I'll Try" You Say Throwing Your Blanket At Liam while Laying On The Floor "wait! I Need My Pjs" Louis Shouts Then He Comes Back In Pajama Pants And A T-Shirt. Eleanor Put Toy Story On And 10 Minutes Into The Movie El And Lou Fall Asleep And It's Just You And Liam Watching The Movie . The Movie Ends And You Guys Were Just Talk The Whole Night.

Liam POV 
This Was Perfect! We're Just Talk Her Voice Gives Me Butterflies ! I Think I Might Actually Love Her! I Should Just Ask Her Out . or Will It Be Too Much. Nah- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Charley POV 
You Felt That Spark Between you And Him . Just Talking And Cuddling. It's Perfect . "Can I Ask You Something" We Both Say And Laugh. His Laugh Is So Cute "You Go First" Liam Says "No.You Go First" I Say  "We Say It At The Same Time" He Says Back . You Take a Deep breath "Will You go Out With me ?" We Both Say. And Smile . We End Up Making Out For A Good 5Minutes Than Cuddled Some More And Laid Down he kissed Me . Put His Arms Around Me And Fell Asleep 
"I Love You Liam" I Whispered 
"I love You Too" He Whispers Back

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