Lucky Love


8. Birthday

"So Your Liam, The Adorable One In The Band She Never Stops Talking About...She's Lucky To Have A Boy Who Wants To Meet Her Father." Your Father Says With A Smile "Oh, Believe Me Sir I'm The Lucky One, She's A Really Great Person. Assuming She Takes From Her Parents" Liam Say Not Trying To hard to Make An Impression. Liam And Your Dad Talk For A While 
••I Guess Dads Starting To Like Him•• You Think To yourself.
"I Better Get Going,It's Getting Late"  He Gets Up And Gives You A Kiss . As He Walks Away Your Dad Stops Him "Why Don't You Stay For Dinner, Were Having Spaghetti !" he Says "Sure Why Not?" After Dinner You And Liam Go Into The Lounge To Watch Tv. Then Sooner Or Later You Fell Asleep in Liam's Arms. He Eventually Fell Asleep . 

Charley's Dad POV
That Liam Guy Is A Good Kid, He's Smart,Charley Talk About Him Non Stop Thats Good .She Says He's The Kind Hearted And Very Responsible In The Band and Since he Makes My Daughter Happy I'm Happy, And He Was Willing To meet Me. I Willing To Let Him Date Her.

••••The Next Morning••••
Liam Wakes Me Up. Whateves It's MY BIRTHDAY(It Really Is)
"Charls . Wake Up, Happy Birthday" Liam's Says As He Kisses My Forehead And Gets Up. My Mom Brought Me Breakfast eggs with Chesse Nd Ham. Bacon Sausage , pancakes And A Cupcake With A Candle. Yummy! "Where's Dad!?" You Ask, "He Went Somewhere He'll Be Back In 20 Minutes" She Reply's "The Boys And Eleanor Are On Their With Presents" Liam Says Excited "Yay, Presents!!!" You Also Say Excited 
•••An Hour Later•••
Everyone Is Here And We Sit around And Talk Niall Is By The Table Eating Like Usual. "Hey, Buddy You Want To Take The Rest Home?" Mom Says "Yes!!!," Niall Says We Laugh Because We Knew Niall's Answer, "Hey. Wheres Zayn And Harry?" You Ask "Out Side In The Front!" El Says, As You Walk Out The Front Door You Hear Harry Talking Right Around The Corner "Zayn, I Know You Like Her,But You Haven't Shown Her . That's Why She's  With Liam, If You Really Like Her, That Would Of Been You Staying The Night With Her The Whole Week . And Waking her Up to Tell Her Happy Birthday," Harry Explains . You Walk Up To Them Zayn Hugs You "I Lo-" He Started "I Heard Everything. " You Pull Away And Kiss His Cheek And Walk Back Inside "Harry, Your Right." Zayn Started "I Mean, if I Really Wanted To Be With Her . I Would Be With Her . Let's Just Go back Inside And Talk Later" He Continues. They Come In Just In Time For Presents 

Charley POV 
Harry Bought Me A Striped Bikini And Gave Me A Cheeky Smile.
Lou Bought Me Red 1D Toms 
Niall Just Bought Me Taco Bell And Told Me To Share With Him.
Zayn Bought Me A 1D T-Shirt And Bracelet
Liam Bought Me A IPhone Case With Their Autographs On It
And Eleanor Got Me This Really Cute Out Fit I Tried At The Mall. 

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