Lucky Love


5. And It All Begins

Liam POV
Charley Is So Light. I Can't Believe I Had The Guts To Kiss Her, Even Though She's Not Zayn's Girl Yet. I Knew She Liked The Kiss Just By her Smiling At Me . I Might Just ask Her To A Date While I Still Have A Chance!

You And Eleanor Talk For A while And You Guys Are Really Getting Along , She Invited You Over After Swimming . After You Guys Talk You Play Chicken Fight With El and The Guys . She Was On Louis' Shoulders And You Were On Liam's Shoulders . You And El Both Fall Back After 5 Minutes Then End Up Pretending To Be Sharks And Get Niall And Harry Under Water When Louis Yells "Shark Attack" In A Girly Voice You Laugh So Hard You Thought You Peed In The Water but You didn't . Then As Soon As Your Done Laughing Harry Dunks You Under Water . You Keep Swimming Under And Go Behind Harry A Scare Him And He Jumped Then You And Everyone Else Laughed . Harry Turned Around And Put His Hands On Your Shoulders And Said "Hey, Why'd You Do That? " Smiling " Why'd You Dunk Me Under Water?" You Say Still Laughing " Only Cause You Dunked Me Under Water !" Looking Into Your Eyes You Giggle A Little Push Him Away And Slash Water At Him And He Did The Same Louis Yells "Water Fight" And Splashes Water At Zayn Then Niall,Liam And El Join.
After 10 Minutes Of That It's 4Pm And You Guys Decide To Leave . You get In The Car With Eleanor And Harry,Niall Go With Zayn And Liam And Lou Go Together.
But The Go To The Flat First To Get There Stuff

Zayn POV
Man, I Can't Seem To Be With Charley. The Guys Are Getting In The Way, I Think Liam Is Trying To Get Her To Like him And I Think It's Working. And I Was Really Starting To Like Her. Those Honey Colored Eyes, Wavy Chocolate Hair. her Cute Laugh.And The Was She Just Looks At Makes Me Weak! I Just Want Her To Be With Me.

You Get To Lou And El's Place And You asked To Use Her Shower before The Guys Came. She Said Yes . After You Showered You Got Dressed Since You Brought Sweats And A V-Neck And Some Underwear. You left Your hair Down And Then El Got In. After That You Guys Sat Down Watched Tv And You Guys Talked More And Played UNO. Then Lou And Liam Walked In While You Guys Are Playing UNO , For The 3rd Time. Liam Run Over And Hugs You And Takes Your Phone And Comes Back A Few Minutes Later And Sets Your Phone Back Down. Not Paying Attention cause You were Still Playing With El. Lou Starts Talking To You. "I See You And El Buddies Now!?" He Jokes. "Yeah, I'm Gonna call Her Over When I Get Tired Of You Babe!" El Also Jokes "UNO!" You Shout with Laughter " You Cheater! Omc" she Laughs "Hey, It's Not My Fault I Won, AGAIN! Ha" You joke. She Puts the Cards Up And Walks Into The Kitchen And You See Liam Walk Into To Bathroom To Shower, Then Lou Comes Up To You And Says " Hey, You know Liam Likes You Right?" He Whispers

Liam POV
I walk Towards the Bathroom When I Hear Louis Tell Charley That I Like Her. Then She Says "Yeah, I Know. I Kinda Like Him Too, But Zayn likes-" The. Lou Intrupted Her " The Other Guys Like You To. they Just Won't Shut Up About You. Since The Signing!" I Run Back To Go Get My Bag And I See Her Smile At Me . Her Adorable Smile Weakened Me ; I Can't Help But Blush And Run Back Like A Little Kid I Hear Her Giggle And Say "He's Adorable" Then Eleanor Says "I Saw Him Kiss Your Cheek At The Pool , You Guys Are Cute Together" Then I Just Get In The Shower.

Liam Comes Out And Sits Next To You On The Couch " Are The Guys Coming?" He Asks "No, They're Coming Tomorrow" Lou Answers His Question "Good ,I Get To Spend More Time With You." He Winks At You And Put his Arm Around His Shoulder And You Just Smile And Cuddle Up With Him. El Dose the Same With Lou, You Guys Watch movie You And Liam End Up On The Floor with A Blanket . Then You Tell Your mom Your Staying At Eleanors Tonight Then You All Fall Asleep.
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