Lucky Love


1. The Signing

So your Waiting in Line At A 1D Signing and Tell Niall He's Much More Adorable In Person And Gives Him A Box Of Donuts And Kisses You And You Walk Up To Zayn And He Says Your Really Cute And Asks For Your Number And You Do The Same you were Being Rushed So He Couldn't Get It.After The Signing The Boys Leave and Yell Bye To Zayn And Winks At You . You Blushed A Bit . After All That You Met Up With Your Friends At The Food Court While Walking Around You Get A Text From Zayn Saying
Z:"Hey, Is This The Girl That Called Niall Adorable? :)xxx"
M:"Yeah,Is This The Guy From One Direction?:)xxx"
Z:"Yeah,Hey I Thought You Were Really Cute Wanna catch A Bite To Eat Tomorrow Meet you At The Mall?"
M:"Sure , And I Thought You Were Really Cute To Haha:)XxX"
~~Next Day~~
Zayn Had Came And Pick You Up And Went Back To His Hotel So He Wouldn't Get Caught By Fans. You Tryed Your hardest Not To Majorly Fangirl On Him, But you Couldn't Help It You Told Him You Had Go To The RestRoom and Calmed Down. You Went Pee And Washed Your Hands And Went Back To Zayn He Asked Of You Wanted To Go To The Park .
On The Way To The Park You Guys Went To Subway And Shared A Sandwich and Went On The Swings And Ran Around Chasing Each Other.
Later That Night He Took you Home He Walked You To Your Door And He Kissed You, You Felt Weak In The Knees And Said "Can We Hang Out Tomorrow?" "Sure You Can Meet The Boys" He Kissed You Again As If He Couldn't Resist Your Lips And Said Goodnight And Left .
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