Todays The Day.

her name is lily and she puts everything she does and feels into her diary. It's set in summer she is really excited to go see her 5 idols, Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall and Zayn from one direction.


2. unbelievable

As she was about too open the door and meet them she stopped. she didnt feel right something was wrong and she didnt know what it was. she got really dizzy and was finding it hard to stand up the staff had to help her.Next thing she knew she was in an ambulance on her way to the hospital.about 2 hours later the doctor came in and told her that it was her blood pressure, it had got to high and that had caused the dizziness.He told her to rest up and she could leave in the morning. that morning she woke up to see her mum smiling and she said 

"good morning my sweet heart how are you feeling?"

"fine but very sad"

"why my dear?"

"i was so close mum"

"so close to what lily your really confusing me?"

"too seeing one direction"

then her mum started smiling, lily looked really confused.

"what are you smiling at, mum it nothing to smile at?"

"you have some people who want to meet you"

lily was getting really confused she really wasn't up to seeing anyone at this point. then all of a sudden one direction came walking round the corner. her face lit up like a light. harry look really surprised... 

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