Todays The Day.

her name is lily and she puts everything she does and feels into her diary. It's set in summer she is really excited to go see her 5 idols, Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall and Zayn from one direction.


1. Today's The Day

dear diary,

I cant believe it today's the day i go see one direction, I know i'm a bit old to be crazing over a boy band but i just dont know what it is about them i just cant get them out of my mind. Harry's my Favourite he's really cute and sweet.right so now i have to go get ready need to look good for the best boy band in the world!!


lilly sits in her place and her excitement builds up until she's almost screaming. They start teasing the crowd and lily falls for it every time.Just before they come on this big screen appears in front of the stage with a competion it says "text one direction too,06600 to go back stage and meet the boys". so lily did this straight away. then the boys came on and she was screaming like mad couldn't control her self. People were looking at her weird but she didnt care she was seeing her idols for the first time. with all the excitement of seeing them she total forgot about her entering the competion. as she was leaving her phone went off and she thought it must of been one of her friends asking her if she had a good time but it wasnt it. it was something much much better she had won the competion! she was screaming her head of and people were looking but she just does not care. the fact that in the space of a few minutes they will be meeting her idols. 


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