Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like that) and anything else you would like to include.


18. Zayn Imagine for Jessica ( parts of Liam Imagine for Danaynita)


Waiting outside the change rooms of your favourite shop Lovette for your best friend Danaynita. you were going on a double date with your boyfriends Zayn and Liam. the boys wouldn't tell you where you were going but they said fancy, so thats what you were shopping for. she walked out wearing a flowy, peach coloured dress. "OMG Daya!" you called her that because it was shorter than her full name. "you look awesome! you have to impress Liam with that tonight!" "haha thanks Jess but now you have to try this one  on" she said pointing to a purple dress hanging up. "Ok" you grabbed the dress and walked into the change room. you quickly pulled your cloths off and the dress on, and stepped out of the change room. "wow, wow, wow! you look fit!" you heard someone shout from behind you. you spun around and saw Zayn standing there with Liam. "aww Zaynie! it was gonna be a suprise!" by this time Daya had already made her way too Liam. "oh well babe, you'll still look beautiful" "aww thanks baby! anyway i thought you were in the recording studio today?" you said to him remembering that he is in a world famous boy band. "we finished for the day, so Liam and i came down here to shop" "fashionista baby!" you heard Liam yell from a few meters away, gaining a few stares. you all decided on your items and went back home to get ready. You and Danaynita went back to your house, and the boys went back to Liams. 


~the boys arrive~ 

You look into the mirror for the last time and walk over to the door to meet Zayn and Liam. "Daya come on we're gonna be late!" you yelled out to your friend. "coming!" you heard her yell as she rushed down the stairs. 

you all had a great dinner and the boys took you on The London Eye for a dessert they has set up. it was so romantic, you both felt so lucky.

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