Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like that) and anything else you would like to include.


11. Niall Imagine for Claire


Lounging by the pool watching your boyfriend Niall swim, "come on babe, i don;t like being a pool alone""sorry baby Nandos i don't want to swim, i just straighten'd my hair" you watched Niall pull himself out of the pool and walk towards you. " if your not gonna come in then i'll just have to make you" Niall said grabbing both you hands, before you could say something he picked you up and through him over his shoulder. "Claire Bear's gonna get weeet!" Niall teased " Niall please" by this point your legs were flying in any and every direction, and your hands were lightly punching his back. he started to make his wat down the steps and into the pool. " you are so dead Horan!" you yelled as you jumped of his shoulder and into the pool. 

the rest of the after noon you stayed in the pool with Niall and the rest of the boys came over as well as Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. 

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