Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like that) and anything else you would like to include.


16. Niall Imagine for Cali


getting ready for a day out with your best friend Niall. you and Niall had been best friends for about 7 years now. you always liked him, but never wanted to ruin your friendship so you've never told him. He was taking you fishing. oh my god! Fishing? you out your thoughts about making a fool, of your self today aside to do you hair. you pulled it back into a messy pony tail with the back of it braided. after you finished you walked into the lounge room at get your phone. as if it were planned as soon as you picked it up there was a knock at the door. you answered it and it was Niall. you grabbed your bag and walked to Niall's car. 

~Skip Car Ride~

you arrived the the lake side and saw two fishing rods standing up right, pegged into the ground. you jumped out of the car and walked over to them. "Niall you are gonna have to teach me how to do this" " "haha you'll be fine! let me throw it in and i'll bet you'll catch one!" he threw it in and let you hold it. after waiting about 2 minutes you felt something on the other end. " NIALL! somethings on there i can feel it! oh my god what if its like way too big!? oh my god!" you were stressing. " here let me show you. he put his back into the pegg and walked behind you. he snaked his hands around your waist and grabbed the rod over the top of your hands. he gently grabbed your hand and placed it onto the reel and wound slowly. you felt a jolt and Niall started reeling faster until your line came up from the water. it was about 30 cm long and flat. "Niall what is it?" "Dinner!" he spun you around and you saw a picnic set up with a camp bbq set up. "Wow!" 

~after dinner~

you were both laying down on the blanket watching the stars. "Cali, I need to tell you some thing" " Yes?" "well i've been really scared to tell you this for about 7 years but now i need too" "ok" "well i really like you and i was wondering if you would be my girlfriend?" instead of giving him an answer you leaned in and kissed him. he instantly kissed back. you pulled away and he smiled "I'll take that as a yes?" "definatly!"

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