Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like that) and anything else you would like to include.


28. Harry Imagine for Sandy


Walking around the local shopping centre with  your friend when you heard ear-peircing screams. You looked around and tried to locate where the scream came from when suddenly you saw a big bunch of people crowding the entrance of the shops. You heard a few names being yelled, but because everyone was screaming you couldn't make out what is was. You and your friend just sat down at a cafe near the entrance when the crowd started moving towards the cafe. "Harry! Harry! Please can i have a photo? an autograph? PLEASE I LOVE YOU!" some young girl yelled. There was only one vacant table at the little cafe, but there was no chairs placed at it. "Excuse me ladies and gentleman! Please give Mr Styles some room to eat lunch! He will take photos with you soon!" You didn't really take much notice to the name Mr Styles. A guy  wearing a green beanie and a big coat walked too the table next to you. "Dang!" He whispered, well tried it somewhat came out as a yell. "Uh do you want this, we have spare." You say pushing a spare chair towards the empty table. "Thanks love" He says, the voice sounds like you've heard it before. He takes off his coat and you can see some of his tattoos through his shirt and on his arms. He slips his beanie off and you realise who it is. It's Harry Styles from One Direction. "Um, do you have a spare menu? this tables well, empty" oh my god! "Um, yea sure" as you handed it to him your hands touch. He looks up to you and you just smile and shy away. What is happening? You're never shy! Always out going and enthusiastic! "Hey I'm sorry I just got a text, Ben needs to meet me at 2." Ok, tell him I said hi!" "I'm so sorry! Bye" she says as she stands up and leaves the cafe. "You're really pretty!" You heard someone say from behind you. You turn around and see Harry. "Oh, uh thanks" You say. "Can I buy you a drink?" "Oh, You really don't nee-" He interrupted you. "Please?" "If you insist. You moved over to his table. "Hi, I'm Harry." "I know who you are, the screaming kind of gives it away. I'm Sandy" "I love the name Sandy" "Why? because Danny Zuko, played by Mr Tomlinson fell in love with her?" "Maybe hahaha" we both had a little giggle before we were interrupted by the waitress "What can I get you gu- Oh My God It's HARRY STYLES!" "Hi, Um i guess I'll just have a caramel frappe and, Sandy will have,?" Chocolate Frappe please" You spent the rest of the after noon chatting and laughing. When the cafe starts to close Harry offers you a ride home, seeing as though your friend brought you here. 


If You Don't Mind Sandy, I Would Love To Do A Part 2 On This! Please Get Back To Me!

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