I Love My Bully

Hello i am Hannah im 18 and i have brown hair with blond streaks through it i am bullied constantly by Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry styles but the worst one who physically and mentally bullies me a is Liam Payne i don't know why we use to be befriends but ever since he got a girlfriend Megan she bullies me to he has changed


4. XFactor


Me and Liam are currently going out and are very happy.Louis and Harry are my Brothers and Niall is my Eating buddy , Best friend , and Brother.Zayn is my well he is my ummmmmmmmmm Enemy i could say.

Hannah!Come here please? OK Liam hold on i  walk into the living room and see all the boys siting on the couch with  smiles.Well Hannah honey me and the boys are trying out for X Factor and we are leaving in two days.OMG Liam i am so happy for you guys

2 weeks later Liam i cannot beleive you made it to bootcamp i am so proud of you guys i huged each of them and i shook zayns hand and hugged and  kissed Liam on the lips and zayn said Hannah stop your disgusting i ran away crying


WT F zayn don't tell siarah that

Well tell her the truth.Zayn said

What truth?

That you are going out if daniell

Shut up zayn tel her and i will kill you


Danielle who is that?


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