I Love My Bully

Hello i am Hannah im 18 and i have brown hair with blond streaks through it i am bullied constantly by Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry styles but the worst one who physically and mentally bullies me a is Liam Payne i don't know why we use to be befriends but ever since he got a girlfriend Megan she bullies me to he has changed


1. My Daily Life

My daily life goes like this i wake up take a shower get dresses like this  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=outfit%20for%20school&tbs=sbi%3AAMhZZisQSaaFQ8onjrorUTpKni6tsQ19lXRCgTp9C0MbaXWAiUdTJlIzBg6cF-QW3N8Dl1U2Ipc-wTl7qlWkzJuybrFIPAqx0naBZZOyn7lcI9Ud6wSrq2uF5TGPtnCUvM-BZEFGPonZpx7kd6z5CM0kFdhlvYK5QPIN3GzWqF5BUCLKpxUADDWTetuCFraJ9imv9uo56Y6qTRH5B2ZzGznA_1fiwbFLbdHR8KIFSeHWgaSRFVdLHBTo&ei=9fsyUaTSJ8_higKIwoCwAw&ved=0CAoQiBwwAA&biw=1280&bih=697#

At school

I walk in get called ugly by Louis fat by Niall worthless by zayn and slut by harry then Liam came and pushed me into a locker and brought me up to my feet and whispered your ugly fat and you were never my best friend i ran to the nearest bathroom and cried


i was 16 so was Liam he had a crush on Megan and he was asking me questions on asking her out broke my heart knowing i will never have a chance with him i told him to take her to the park and ask her there

after he came to me and said she said yes than what he said next broke my heart he said

" Hannah you are fat,ugly, and you never were my best friend than he walked away like nothing has ever happened i fell to my knees and cried

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