I Love My Bully

Hello i am Hannah im 18 and i have brown hair with blond streaks through it i am bullied constantly by Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry styles but the worst one who physically and mentally bullies me a is Liam Payne i don't know why we use to be befriends but ever since he got a girlfriend Megan she bullies me to he has changed


7. Louis

Hi Louis.

How did i crash and where is zayn

Well zayn is the one you crashed into and he was looking for you and boom

we wanted your family to know you were fine so we sent Liam.You know he really loves you he didn't like the idea of cheating on you but Paul made him.I know that but im afraid i wont get him back. O you will he broke it off with Danielle and told off Paul.

I felt sad and my heart rate went up and i blacked out


when i woke up no one was with me me but harry he was asleep and i saw a figure show up and said your parents deserved to die i wasn't drunk then he stabbed my stomach.I started screaming and harry woke up and tackled the guy and guards came in and took him away.

I woke up all i saw was the blood bag giving me blood

harry walked in and said guess what we are brother and sister turns out mom and dad put me up for adoption

Harry um... mum and dad died a while ago a-in a car crash that guy that stabbed me that was him and he did it on purpose


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