I Love My Bully

Hello i am Hannah im 18 and i have brown hair with blond streaks through it i am bullied constantly by Louis Tomlinson,Niall Horan,Zayn Malik,Harry styles but the worst one who physically and mentally bullies me a is Liam Payne i don't know why we use to be befriends but ever since he got a girlfriend Megan she bullies me to he has changed


10. Get out!

I watched as Harrys smile fell. I'm so sorry harry I know how it feels to lose parents. He gave me a hug said its ok and walked out as he was walking out Liam came in harry gave him a dirty look.


 I'm so sorry hannah I never wanted this to happen you know I love you right?

you know what Liam.......

I SHOULD HAVE NEVER FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU!YOU BULLIED ME I LOVED YOU BUT NO YOU WANTED THE OTHER GIRL! I. I. I. hate you get out of my room and life never talk to me again

wow I never knew that's how she felt

Please Hann-.

No Liam leave now


As I watched him walk out I screamed into my pillow I heard a lot of beeping and harry running in that's when I blacked out


I'm so sorry I was gone forever I had school and everything else going on and sorry for the short chapter

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