Gotta Be You

How meeting her 5 role models changed her life. From being suicidal and depressed to always happy. This is her story.


1. Why Cant Life Be Fair?

Isolating herself from the world. She sits in her room crying asking herself ehy everyone judges her. She cries and cries until she has no tears left. She pulls open a drawer and finds her razor blade hiding under stacks of books and schoolwork. She grsps the razor tightly and brings it close to her arm. She slowly and painfully slices her plump skin, the cut dripping of bright red blood. She takes the razor down to her upper thigh and slices acriis her beautiful tanned skin. She feels like screaming to the whole world. All the words they called her, they would have never known just how much they hurt her. All they see everyday is her fake smile and automatically think she has gotten over it. Those words follow her everywhere she goes. She doesn't feel comfortable leaving the house. She feels pain looking in the mirror and feels like she is not herself anymore. She spends her nights crying herself to sleep. Even the people she loves judge her on he looks. She has noone to talk to anymore. She is scared of everyones reactions when they find out the truth. Would people stop? Would hey pity her? All these questions running through her mind. Noone knows what is happening to her, not even herself.



Hey guys I hope you enjoy the first paragraph! I know it's short but this is my first Movella so i am still getting used to it! Please comment if you would like to be apart of this story. I am picking 2-3 people :D Tell me what you think below!

Chloe xx

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